What's the weirdest first date you've been on?

Answer #1

When I was younger, I didn’t think their was dating at all, I thought they only exsisted in those love movies because of the crowd I use to be involved with. They all smoked weed & liked partying so I would date losers and the only dates I would have with them would be “smoking sessions” which was really pathetic AND I WOULD SAY WEIRD but now that I’m older and have a good person in my life, I have good romantic dates and we’ll actually do fun things like movies nights, dinner, or to any fun places out here which I’m happy that I finally get to do.

Answer #2

This isn’t my first date, but its still pretty weird. So I work in a vets office and a guy runs in with his boxer in his arms. The guy is bawling and the dog is unresponsive. The dog is obviously dead and the guy just came in to confirm it. So we put the guy in the room while his lady friend stays in the lobby. We kept asking her questions regarding the guy’s info and the dog but she couldn’t answer any of them. Finally she crept up to the desk and apologized for not knowing any of the info we needed because it was their first date! They had only met two days before. The guy’s dog died on their first date!

Answer #3

poor guy!

Answer #4

That’s absolutely horrible, but at the same time funny. Hehe

Answer #5

Being set up with a girl you used to date a few years back and she hates your guts lol. Long story but so funny, and agreeing to a date who bored me to tears so much that I did something I am not proud of today…oh the memories lol.

Answer #6

Went sledding at midnight. Realized about 4AM I had lost my phone., found it in a snow bank, thawed it out and it still worked :D. Go Motorola.

Answer #7

lmao sad but hilarious lol

Answer #8

Considering I’m only 13, I think this qualifies. :) This guy took me to an ESPN restaurant near Downtown Disney, and if you’ve ever been there, you know what I’m talking about. Well apparently one of the games he was really into was on the main screen and he turned it on on the TV on our table as well. It was a basketball game, and they tend to score a lot. Whenever Duke would score, he’d yell “YES! GET SOME! GET SOME!” really loud, and the four tables around us would all look at me like it was my fault. Whenever the opposing team would score, he would yell “GODDAM YOU! SHUT UP!” even when no one was talking to him. He’s really sweet and cute and nice at school, so I thought, why not? when he asked me to date him. But when I tried to calm him down and get him to stop, they scored right when I tried to talk to him, so he had to ignore me for a split second and stand up and yell for the other team to get some. During that performance, he knocked down an open ketchup container, and it got all over me. So when we left, it looked like I had gotten my period for the first time and didn’t know how to handle it. :( I look back and laugh, but really, it wasn’t funny at the time.

Answer #9

When I double-dated with my Brother. My date and I forgot he was with us. LOL! :)

Answer #10

Does “texting” date sound weird to you? Haha yeah…it is… :P

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