Why does my boyfriend touch my tummy so much?

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If you eo are being intamate then he might be telling you that if you get pregnant then it wont be the worst thing in the wotld... just rit him down and ask him why hes doing it and if he says he wants a baby then tell him that you want to live your life and get married before you have kids :)

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Maybe it's just because he likes to touch you? The skin on a girls tummy is good to touch :) Just ask him.

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Maybe he has a belly fetish.

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ANSWER #5 of 13

maybe he wants a baby?!?! im sorry i really dont know

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maybe he wants a baby?!?! im sorry i really dont know

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best way to find out is to ask:)

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well i do this to my girlfriend...and i just like the way her stomach feels and i really love her its just another way of a guy telling you that your perfect the way you are :)

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I love touching my girl's tummy its smooth and makes funny sounds i enjoy her body without sex....

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He might want a child

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he might think you're pregnant

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He probably wants to make you laugh, or smile, or break the "touch barrier". Next time he does that, hold his hand, but keep his hand on your stomach, and then move your hand towards your back. Or up if you really like him. ;]

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idk y guys do it but it feels good lol. I love when my guys draws circles with his finger on my tummy. =) y he does it doesn't really matter cuz it feels so damn good and is a serious turn on but just ask him =)

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