How do I ask a guy to homecoming in a cute way?

Answer #1

Guys are supposed to ask girls! You’re simply supposed to let him know your single and free and interested, then wait for him to man up and ask you.

Answer #2

Perhaps hide a note someplace you know they will find it (e.g. in their running shoe if they are in track). You could also try asking in a card. There are blank greeting cards that allow you to fill in anything you want. Something like, “I would be so happy if you would do me the honor of accompanying me to homecoming.” A rose would be nice to help seal the deal. Most guys like getting flowers except perhaps those insecure in their manhood.

Answer #3

Evan, wake up! it is the 21st century. it is time for both genders to bust out of their conventional roles. Girls can ask guys, girls can ask girls and guys can ask guys.

Answer #4

look him in the eye and say “i dig you”…and “we would have fun at homecoming together”…just keep it simple. if a girl went a bit personal about asking me to homecoming id be a tad intimidated. short and sweet sara and best of luck

Answer #5

Well if you have still not asked him to come home, you have dumped yourself. Just take courage, wear some nice dresses for a few days and then ask him to come home.

Answer #6

girls can ask guys! havent u heard the song saddie hawkins dance by reliant k? ‘saddie hwkins dance in my khaki pants nothing better than oh oh oh GIRLS ASK THE GUYS always a surpise, do like sweater?’ love that song. anyway its on my playlist on my profile.

Answer #7

Just ask!!!

Answer #8

Just ask!!!

Answer #9

Ask. I strongly dislike the sterotype that guys have to ask girls. That kind of thinking leads to girls needing to depend on a male all the time, lacking basic independance and self respect for their rights as a female. Yes, I do go deep into this xD

Just ask. One of my male friends once said to me “confidence is cuteness.”

Answer #10

get a plain white tee shirt and write all over it in narker saying “I WANT TO GO TO HOMECOMING WITH __“ :P

Answer #11

Make him a cupcake or cookie and ask him in icing

Answer #12

Well it depends on if you like him or not . . . like for a girl ask guy dance I went to, I didn’t like the guy, just wanted to go to the dance to have fun so I got this little basket and filled it with tissue paper, a small sparkling cider, a rose bud, and some hersey’s kisses and hugs and left a note saying, “I’m not looking for kisses, I’m not looking for hugs, just a sparkling night with one of my buds” and then signed my name. It worked like a charm :)

Answer #13

A man cannot be a woman. A woman cannot be a man. A man cannot bear children and a woman cannot. Part of our physical dimensions restrict who were are. Equally, men and women are different in relation to each other with nature. Being a man does not simply include a piece of meat between the legs, but about how one acts. In this, the guy needs to “man up” and ask the girl. This isn’t derogatory to the girls in saying that they are different, but they get to be woman like, something guys… appreciate. =)

Answer #14

I made cupcakes that said homecoming? During my lunch while he was going to his class and it totaly worked. (:

Answer #15

Traditional gender roles enslave both men and women. Perhaps you are happy being restricted to a narrow stereotypical gender role but most people these days are not. While I’m not going to claim that the only difference between the genders is plumbing the truth is that humans more than any other species are guided by learned behaviors more than instinctive ones. Throughout human history there have been both matriarchal and patriarchal societies. The modern ideal is one where the genders are equal and both are free to pursue their needs however it suits them.

Answer #16

Oh yay! Glad i could help. Congrats

Answer #17

woops meant to be under the one above lol

Answer #18

Narrow gender rolls? Nah. But never the less, there are gender rolls. My gf has short hair and wears basketball shorts everywhere, but I’m also the one carrying her if she randomly complains her feet hurt and I asked her out and I get the calls to squish the bugs (actually, I find it cool if a girl things bugs are cool). I’m sure there are some guys that like a girl to carry them around, but its debatable whether they would rather have another guy carrying them around.

I also agree that both genders should be equal to pursue there individual needs. I also believe that the word “need” is far more restrictive than it is usually used. A man is also free to smoke tobacco, but I don’t think he ultimately needs it either.

Answer #19

The Saddie Hawkins dance is specifically a dance where the girls are to ask guys. That’s why girls ask the guys.

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