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Touchin as kissing

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Why do men like to kiss women on the lips?

Why Men Like to Kiss Women on their Lips?


How do I kiss my boyfriend?

I have been going out with My boyfriend for a week & a few days & I want to kiss him & he wants to kiss me, but how do I go up to him & kiss him ??


What do you do when someone is kissing your neck?

Soo when someone is kissing your neck what do you do kiss theirs? or just like chill there?


What are different ways to kiss your girlfriend?

ME and my girlfriend have already kissed and made out what are some different ways I can kiss her

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What are some fun and creative kissing ideas?

Jusat curious.
What are some fun and creative kissing ideas?

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What is French Kissing

is french kissing like making out or what please explain!!

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what is a helpful to to practice kissing on

I want to be prepared for my first kiss what should I practice on


Why did my friend tell me to kiss him?

Why did my freind to kiss him or he woldnt come over again

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All my friends have been kissed, and I havn't. I can't even get a boyfriend. What do I do??

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How do you kiss a guy's neck?

How do you kiss a guy's neck and make it feel good?

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kissing with eyes shut

im just wondering why do people
shut their eyes when kissing?


What's the perfect way to kiss?

i was just wondering lol x

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how do you french kiss?

how do french kisss? any one tell me pls

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tongue kissing

whats the best tongue movement for a beginner


is he going to kiss me?!

My boyfriend and me have hugged and kissed on the check, but will he ever kiss me? is he going to kiss me soon?

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How old were you when you had your first kiss?

How old where you when you had your first kiss?
Was it with your boyfriend or with a random?
If it was with your boyfriend how long did you date before you kissed?

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What does the first kiss taste like?

what does the kiss taste like? im nevorus to kiss my boyfriend!!!

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How to kiss the perfect guy?

First steps to kiss the guy you thnk is the perfect one.plzz

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Can you eat and kiss underwater?

Is it possible to either eat something or kiss someone underwater?


Again kissing ??

How do I kiss a boy ?? X
What techneches should I use ?? X
Where should I put my hands ?? X


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