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How do I forget my past?

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I am 18 right now and am in a perfect relationship. I have a boyfriend who I'm sure is the one. Recently, he has been asking about ex boyfriends. In 7th grade, I had a relationship with a guy that wasn't good. It ruined my relationship with my family. It has taken me so long to forgive myself for that terrible relationship and of course my family forgave me. But now that my boyfriend is bringing the past up, it's killing me. I hate remember my ex and how I hurt my family. It makes my stomach turn. My present boyfriend has asked about my ex before and I answered him with what I remembered. Last night, he asked a question similar to the previous one and I answered him with something different but I am telling the truth. I have never lied to him. I honestly don't remember what I had said before and don't really remember my relationship with my ex. Every time he asks about my ex, he says the story changes and I'm afraid if he asks again it will ruin our relationship because it might change because I don't really remember every detail. How do I save our relationship? I thought if I lose my memory, my problems would go away. Loosing my memory would save my relationship with both my family and boyfriend.