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Fixing a relationship?

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Hello there, so i need some help here, so i've been dating this wonderful girl for 10 months now and everything was good until about 2 months ago, we both would get in arguments/fights for foolish reasons but we would make up like the next week or so and these would keep going on for quite some time, and one night i messed things up pretty bad but i sent her an email over night and she forgave me the next morning and things were perfect after that until anout the 2 week of June, she was about to go on vacation on a Friday and somedays i would ask her if she would like to talk on the phone and sometimes she could and alot of times she couldn't and on that Friday before she left we got in a big fight and she feels that i don't love her or feel the same since i haven't ask her if she wanted to video chat or talk on the phone before she had to go for 2 weeks and i was upfront and honest and said that i didn't feel the same but i still loved her and wish we could spend alittle more time together and i was so caught up in trying to fix what i messed up before, doing what ever i can, sacrificing most of my time, i was so caught up in that and i didnt ask much to talk on phone, which i should have, because i was mentally bothered by and angry with myself and i really wished she would of saw that i was trying but no, she flipped and yell with me over the phone and said she was over with me...and i begged her for another chance so she said for those 2 weeks she was away i would be a 'single man' and talk to who ever and think about how we could return to our relationship and i spent those 2 weeks thinking about what i could do better, how i could prevent the same mistakes. I talked to no other girls and kept my mind on her for 2 weeks and even made something special for her for our anniversary of 9 months and when she came back she seemed like she didnt want to talk to me much but we talked and she did want to talk about our relationship that day so the next day i apologized for everything i did i really want things to be the same again i really don't see myself with any one else, just her, and she said she doesn't know about it this time that she's tired of getting hurt but she said she woukd give me one more chance to return to my 'old self' and that she still loves me and i'm still her number one guy but she only can be close friends with the 'new me' and that we're 'single' until i show her that i'm the 'old me' and she's not waiting forever so it's alot of pressure, here i am about a month later sobbing myself to sleep almost every night, again doing everything i can to fix us, trying to call her everyday, buying her stuff i got her from vacation, writing her a song, making her a card and investing all of my time to her and it still seems like it's not enough, i honestly still very much love this girl and i don't know what i would do without her, i really hope our relationship is not damaged beyond repair, i've been trying my utmost all every single day since things went south and i don't know what to do now, i plan on going to her house and giving her the card a stuff i bought her from vacation and also, telling her i love her and giving her a big hig and a kiss but i don't know if she'll like it or not...please help, i am literally in despair.