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has this girl lost interest

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Well we never really knew each other about a month ago but we go put in a class together(only for the last week of school). I notice she kept looking at me every time we were in the class then one day she invited me to go camping with her and her friends. We were both drunk and she said she loves me and we kissed quite alot. then we slept in a tent together. She gave me a handjob(ooooshh ha). Then after that we used to text each other everyday flirting and she says she thinks i'm hot and stuff. (i was positive she liked me) But she has recently stopped replying (2 weeks after the camping) or if she does reply its the next day and it sounds forced (as if she doesnt want to text). After all the things we were saying to each other (love each other and that) was this true or was it drunk talk. A lot of her friends are older boys, we are sixteen and her male friends are about 17-18. I know I shouldnt be jealous but I cant help it, because they are older they will be funny and more relaxed around her but I keep feeling as if I am going to be compared to them. Does she like me or is she losing interested or is she just using me??? thanks