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My friend got angry at me for self harming, and then said he only did it because he's in love with me?

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Basically, I met up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and whilst we were out my sleeve pulled up slightly and i thought no one noticed, but one of my friends saw and realised i had fresh cuts. He didn't say anything at the time but a little while later he pulled me to one side and started having a go at me for it, he told me that i was an idiot for doing it and that i was ruining myself again (i used to self harm in the past but have not done so in long time), He got really angry (i don't think I've ever seen him like that before) and it wasn't until another friend realised what was happening and came and calmed him down that he stopped.

This was yesterday and i didn't really speak to him after that as there were other people about. However, he texted me last night apologising and saying that he just panicked because he cares, and then about a minute later he texted me again saying that he did what he did yesterday because he loves me, and that he wants me to be his so that he can make sure i'm okay.. I haven't replied because I hoped he'd think I was asleep because I have no idea what to say back? Help!! I have had a crush on him since i was 14 (He's a year older- I'm now 17, he's almost 19). I don't want to ruin my chance with him but I'm worried that I will end up hurting him more, I don't ever want to see him angry the way he was today again- and especially because of me.. Is the most loving thing to do, to turn him down until I am in a better way?