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How do i shave down there, without getting caught?

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Ok, so topics like this, don't really ever come up between me and my mother, but I have a reason for bringing it up. So, I know my mom doesn't shave hers, but I'm not comfortable, having my own 'down there'. Its just uncomfortable. I haven't done more, than trimmed just the edges, and don't want to shave it bald, but I'm, afraid that if I trim it down a bunch, she will notice. I refused to go to 'Girly appointments' Like your supposed to when you start your cycle, so she cant find out that way, and she hasn't seen my parts since I was seven, but will it show through my swimming suit bottoms? She isn't the kind of person who would let me do that, so I guess the main thing is: How do I trim it without her knowing? I've tested, and can do it in the shower without a big mess, and the pubes go strait down the drain, but if I leave my patch down there, and just make the pubes shorter, will it show through my swimming suit? And my jeans? I need an answer, because we are going to my grandmothers this weekend(Sunday), and I want them shorter. Also, I looked it up, and before you flush them down the toilet, you should put toilet paper on top of it... is this true? And if so, why? Thx!