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What would you do if you were in my situation

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I'm 20 years old and I been with my boyfriend for 2years.before we even date my boyfriend said he wanted to meet my dad.I said no because my dad is too strict.I go through stress at home because of my dad.he always yelling at me for no reason.I can't go to the store without my dad going crazy.If i go out for more than 2 hours he went out to look for me like I'm a baby.I always have to sneak out to see my boyfriend and I'M tired of it.when i told my dad i had a boyfriend he was upset about it.the worst part is when i told him my boyfriend had dropout In the 10th dad doesn't like my boyfriend and think he's not good enough for me because of boyfriend is a sweet guy,he got a job.I been begging my boyfriend to go back to school for over a year now.he always tell me not now.all he need to do is just going to school and meet my dad.he said he doesn't want to meet my dad.'m just tired of everything i just want him to meet my dad that way our relationship be much batter.i meet his mom after she done calling me name.but now his mom like me.2months ago my boyfriend told me his moving to Tampa with his mom.I was so sad to hear this.his a grown *** man I don't know why he can't just moving with a friend. but my boyfriend want me to move to Tampa with him.his mom said i can come If I want too.what i don't understand is why he want me to make that sacrifice of moving to Tampa with him but he can't the sacrifice of going back to school and meet my dad.the only thing he have to do is go to school and my dad would love him