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people at school have started calling me a sket?

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Basically me and my friends are like the popular girls at our school but were really nice and we still act like ourselves. So anyways my friends were eating lunch today so I went to my old friend to talk and she told me how people have been saying since I moved up to a higher form class I've got ruder, that my skirt has got shorter which isn't true because at the start of the year my skirt was a inch above my knee and still is, so don't know where they're getting that from. They also said that people have said that since hanging out w/ my friends I've become a sket and I talk to boys too much, and I don't see what's wrong with being close friends with boys. They also said this about one of my friends just because were close friends with the boys. I don't really see how I'm a sket. So why have people been calling me this?