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Should I forgive my boyfriend?

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My boyfriend, whom I've currently been with for a year and 4 months, flirted and led on another girl, who used to be his ex. This happened a while ago. Around November up into mine and his one year. We started dating December 14, 2011. However, when I found out on our 1 year, he denied he was flirting with her and that he was just talking to her and giving her support. This girl just recently sent me pictures with proof that he did indeed text her and message her. He reactivated his Facebook several times to get into contact with her and sent her numerous emails (according to the messages he sent her). But he hasn't talked to her since December, our 1 year. So I just have evidence that he flirted with her about 4-5 months ago... When I showed him the pictures, he said that he does not remember sending them... I don't know if I should forgive him or not.
Also, he is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Which may add to the fact he does not remember doing this.