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can someone give me relationship advice?

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I'm going to try and keep it short and simple since I know people don't want to hear my life story. This is how it goes. I met a girl. The kind that you know she's right for you the first time you see her. She had a boyfriend, but he wasn't really there for her. I was. We flirted and got close. She insisted that we hang out so we did and I kissed her. Shed told me she wanted to kiss me for a long time. I knew the kiss was real because she was breathing heavy and was really into it. After we kissed she told me she really liked me and wanted to be with me over her boyfriend. She got a new job and suddenly became too busy to talk to me. She just graduated Highschool and she's staying here for college so this is her last summer with most of her friends. She told me "she hasn't just been ignoring me, she needs space". What I'm worried about is if she still cares and if she will come back around. She refuses to answer my texts and talk to me about things but yet she cared when I deleted her off of facebook. When I finally got her to talk she said "i think you need space from me. I've been working a lot and I simply have no time right now. If you still feel this way in August, we will talk". Listen, community, I know she needs space and she's told me. So don't try to be witty and tell me what I already know. What I'm confused with is why she won't communicate. If she really cared she would find time right? Or am I wrong? Could she just be cutting me off for now so that we can have a fresh start in august? My overall question is, how do I find out if she still has feelings for me. Should I straight up ask or wait till august to text her. If so, what should I say? Thanks guys.