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Choosing the right guy?

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My name is Teresa in 17 and having sim boy problemos:3
So I have this friend who has a brother named Alex. He's a cutie and we both have told each other that we kinda like one another. We've made out and that's all and I like that. He's also 22 and thinking about moving back to Texas for a little bit. We're friends outside of liking one another so I think that's what really draws me into him. The relationship I feel would be so easy. But he's also told me that he doesn't think he has time for a gf.
Then there's tyler.
We met online and we hooked up quite a few times but I eventually broke it off because I wanted a relationship and wanted to wait till summer. So now me and him talk a lot and he tells me all the time that me likes me and wants to date me and see me. But I just keep procrastinating because I'm hoping that Alex will come around and want to date me. To be honest I think I want everything Tyler is but I want it in Alex. Let me clarify this, nothing is wrong with Tyler he's sweet and nice and he's definitely cute but he's a jock and has a whole different group he hangs with. Hes also 18 and goes to msu.
i guess i just dont know wether i should wait and keep flirting with alex and keep it all normal like it is now and just wait for something or possibly nothing to happen or go with the guy that actually likes me and wants to date me and shit. Help help help.