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i am not intimiate person yet my boyfriend is and its NOT working out.

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I LOVE MY bf but hes the romantic type. I HATE when he gets me flowers, or kisses me alot. i am showing him signs that i dont like him by distracting him when he gets "comfy" and i am freaking out its pissing him off. He told me if i love him and i just nodded after 7 seconds and couldnt say yes. but he doesnt understand i am not that type. Me and my dad and brothers HARDLY talk. i never really felt close to a guy before. I love this guy but when he talks about marriage i get mad and just dont believe in marriage and when he gets to close to me and talks alot it drives ME INSANE. i hate myself cause if he were to break up with me i will literally die:( he told me today "you know what, dont waste your time if u dont want to be with me. i explained to him marriage and romance isnt me. he said i only think about myself. hes been mad for 2 days.