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Ending it with a boyfriend?

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Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about less than a year. We hardly chat with each other and go out that much. When im free from not working and say lets hang out? He never has time for me, but does have time to always chill with his brother.

Now as this continues I have a friend where we always hang out pretty much everyday. We get along with each other so much. My friend has met my family already. Which my boyfriend hasn't. I have asked him if he would all he tells me that's not his thing. With my friend he introduced his to my parents. My friend told me already that he has feelings for me. I think that, I might have feelings for him as well.

Things with my boyfriend now aren't the same anymore. We hardly chat and even text message each other. It feels like im single still at times. For me i still care for my boyfriend, but not in a relationship way anymore. How do i break this to the guy? Any decent ways of doing this????