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I think my parents destructive relationship is causing commitment issues to myself?

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Sometimes I feel like my parents weren't meant to be parents. They argue about the stupidest things, the smallest detail can set off a fight that affects everyone in the family. They're selfish too, specially my mom, she hesitated to bring me in the clinic for my rash because "it's not that serious" according to her. It took me a week to actually convince her to take me, cuz it was itching so bad and it spread throughout my arms. She also blames my dad for everything...nags him until he feels so bad about himself he just slowly kills himself with alchohol and cigarettes. Sometimes when they have no one to direct their agree to they put the hate and blame of me, their son. I spean 2 languages, learning my 3rd.. never really caused them any trouble.. so why? Anyways, about the commitment issues, because they're so disfunctional as a couple i'm scared to be in a relationship of any kind. I just don't want to end up like them. Miserable people in a trap society calls marriage. A year ago I was dating 3 girls at a single time. The reason why I needed three relationship (after weeks of asking myself) is because 1 relationship with a single person is not enough for the void I feel. I feel empty. I am in a relationship where I never let my guard down, I try and distance myself for protection and because od that I felt like I needed more..not just 1 but 3 relationship just to feel satisfied. When I felt like I was actually starting to develop feelings for them, I decided to let go, out of fear that I might get hurt. I just can't help but wonder if the reason why I can't take any relationship seriously is because my parents never and still aren't taking theirs. It's not like i'm blaming them but subconciously, what if?