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A female friend's sarcasm

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A female friend of mine acts sarcastically mean about me when she's with her friends (all girls) .When by herself she gets nervous and kind of shy. and on chat she is awesomely friendly to me. why is this ?.Please Help me girls, as you can understand it better. she means a lot to me. i don't want to lose her :(

Actually all this started after this incident
I wished her on her birthday messaging on her phone at 12:00. two month later she asked me on facebook very angrliy as to why i did'nt wish her on birthday. I was like.. what nonsense...i told her that i messaged her...then here is what she said " really?? i did'nt knew it was you as i did'nt have your number".

she knew that i had her number, coz i had asked her and she gave it without any hesitation, but she did'nt ask for mine number.

She is ignoring me now :(

I am a Boy