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Why does ejaculation hurt a guy sometimes?

Why does it hurt a guy somtimes when he ejaculates (like in American Pie) or when he is having s*x with a virgin?

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Do guys enjoy fingering girls?

Do guys enjoy fingering girls? My boyfriend does it a lot & I can't tell if he actually likes doing it or just does it because he thinks I like it.

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Is there a way to practice French kissing?

Hey I was just wondering I've never french kissed a guy before and I wanted to know is there anyway I could practise?

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What can I do to make it feel like I am getting eatten out?

I want to feel like a guy is licking my p*ssy.. What can I do to make it feel like it??
I am a 13year old girl.. Thanks :)

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When I tried pulling my vag up and then I rubbing I ddnt feel it?

When I tried pulling my vagina up and rubbing in circular motion I didnt feel anything ?

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guys and turn ons

what turns guys on, stuff that we girls can do, fingers through hair, hand on

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How do I make a guy horny?

I want to make my boyfriend really horny, so what are the most things that can make a guy reallly horny? Answer back please.

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Do guys like it when girls moan when making out?

And when other things are going on? I.e, last night my boyfriend and I were making out and he was feeling me up and touching me all over the place haha, and I moaned here and there during it. Do guys like it when they do or no?

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Who knows if it's possible to get alittle organism from kissing?

When your making out with a guy/girl in your room or something is it possible to get alittle organism from only kissing him/ that normal???


say if im textin this guy and I wanna make him horny?

what EXACTLY do I say if im textin this guy and I wanna make him horny? please help because I wanna text him tonight! ;)

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Does it gross out guys to eat a girl out?

So, are guys like, repulsed when they eat a girl out? Do they do it just to please girls, or is there some enjoyment there? what can a girl do to make it better (besides being clean down there)?

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If a guy talks marriage, does that mean he's in love?

does it mean he really was in love with you? cause not alot og guys would talk about that, most guys stay away from the subject


How would a virgin feel being eaten out?

Im in a relationship with a girl and I realy like her and she a virgin I wanna eat her out but I wanna know would she like that considering she a virgin?

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why do guys enjoy fingering a girl ?

. Why do boys like fingering girls ? How does the whole process goes ? Everything from making out to sticking his finger in . and how do guys react to it ?

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my boyfriend wants me to "feel" his penis

my boyfriend wants me to "feel" his penis and I want to make it plessuarble for him, so it's basicaly a hj so how do I do that? and don't say I'm to young, because I'm not! please just tell me how to hj him.

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Do guys always get turned on when a girl sits on his lap?

does he deffinitley get turned on or hard? like can a girl just siit on a guys lap as friends and nothing happen?

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Why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth?

I'm curious why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth and what are you even supposed to do? haha I had this happen not to long ago and was totally thrown off.

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Guys, where do you like to be touched?

I know all guys like to be touched in different places and rubbed, grabbed, poked lol differently as well whats yours? Like how do I touch the dick and aren't there other places I should be touching?

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What are somethings I can say to make this guy hard?

okay first of all we're not with each other right now... I just want to say some stuff thatll make him hard lol...

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Why does he always want to touch my stomach?

Why does this one guy always want to touch my stomach?
With my shirt on or whatever, he just wants to touch, rub, poke, tickle.. he like.. has an obsession with my stomach lol
That's never happened to me before, and I'm the only girl he does that to.....

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How can I ask a guy to a dance in a cute way?

OK I'm asking this guy to my turnabout dance but I want to do it in a cute way and he plays soccer too..can you help me please? ...need ideas

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How to tell if a guy likes you in middle school?

Okay,so I'm 13 and there is this boy in my class who I think may like me.So I was wondering...what are some signs that a guy likes you in middle school?


How To Give A Guy A Boner

I'm meeting this guy on saturday, and he's really into me. how do I give him a boner? I want to do it without touching his dick (or wait till he gets hard before I touch it).

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