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How do you tell your boyfriend your pregnant?

How do you tell your boyfriend your pregnant?

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Date a coworker

I like this coworker of mine. I think she likes me too. We get along great. My current gf - soon to be ex (whenever either of us find a new place to live) are over and done. This girl is just my type. The problem is that we do work together. I don't kn...


Why do you get that feeling when you look into someones eyes?

Dos anyone else get that feeling,when they look into people's eyes like in their stomach? Its kinda like butterflies?
Not only when looking into a specific person's eyes,its anyones.
What is it? Why does it happen?


Anybody in love?

Anybody in love??? Tell me yo story!!!

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Why is he so shy

Ok so I like this kid a lot. I'm only 13 and so is he. We always talk and we hangout all the time. He wont kiss me or do anything. I want him to but he just wont? Ive only hugged him and that's it! Is there something wrong with me?


When is the right time to move in/get married?

I am dating this guy and we've been dating for about a month. we've talked about moving in and children and marriage on a platonic level, but it got me wondering...when IS the right time to move in with your boyfriend? when IS the right time to get mar...


What do you think we could talk about?

I've been texting this guy for nearly a month and I'm meeting him in august. I really like him and he really lyks me but we kinda talked non stop everyday and we ran outta stuff to talk about. We've talked bout what he does at college, his family, his ...

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How can I convince my sister that she's not ready for boys?

my sister think's she's ready for a boyfriend!! she's only 13!! i try and try to tell her that boy's are tomuch for me right now and theyer way tomuch for her!!! i dont wont to see heart get hurt because of some boy!!! but she keep's on syaing that she...

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What are major traits that girls look for in guys?

What are traits that girls look for in a guy.. This can also include any turn ons or somethig appealing?


Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


How do I tell my crush how I feel?

Hurry iam seeing him tomorrow!!!1 need your help. I get bubble and cant talk around him

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Is my hymen broken?

Ok so this is the story.. Well me and my boyfriend wer making out and like I've neva bin figerd before.. But I think that he did.. Ok he told me he did 1 finger.. But like not thw whole finger..
Ok so then der wz no blood on his fingres when he finishd...

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What are the bases in making out?

what is first base second bsae third base and home durng a make out session


This girl is pissing me off

So theres this girl calling me a slut and fat and all of that because I dont like her.

I laugh it off, and it makes her mad.

But its pissing me off,cause it seems like im not doing anything.

what do I do?

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Why do I keep having weird dreams about my crush?

I keep having weird dreams about my crush who hates me do they mean something?


Is he pushing away because of money or something else?

Me and my bf haven't been together long but everything has been good until last week when he told me he was getting evicted. All n fair enough its hard to find that out but since then he has been pushing me away .... every time I called him he was with...


How do you like it when you're being felt up?

for do you like it when your bein feeled up?

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Why can't I talk to him?

Ok, so there's this guy that I have had my eye on literally since the first day of school. None of my friends think he's cute at all, but I think he's adorable. He has black hair, gorgeous blue eyes, he's not very tall, but he's taller than me, so, I'm...


What can I do to make it feel like I am getting eatten out?

I want to feel like a guy is licking my p*ssy.. What can I do to make it feel like it??
I am a 13year old girl.. Thanks :)

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Where is appropriate places to touch that turns people on?

Okay so there's this guy and we like each a lot,hes 15 and im13.I've grown up with him but a few months ago I realized I wanted him like,THAT way. but I was just wondering if there was any place that would turn him on thats APROPRIATE to touch. I think...


What does it mean if he says he loves you before leaving?

ok what does it mean when a guy that you are seeing for about 6 months said he is madley and completly in love with you but at the end of the school year he's leaving for the marines... what does that mean?


Should I add my ex on Facebook?

I broke up with one of my ex's about 5 months ago and he deleted me from his facebook. I was in another relationship not too long after and i guess when he saw he got angry and deleted me, but now i am out of that relationship as well. I really want to...


Could he like me or think im cute?

Everytime im at the place where he works, I always see him looking at me and when we make eye contact he smiles at me and I smile back

One time I was looking down and I saw out of the corner of my eye that someone was going by so I looked up to see wh...


Lost and missing my ex

I had been my ex for a year and a half before we broke up. Wednesday was the actual year-in-a-half, I love him all my heart. And right I'm on the phone with him and he doesn't think we should get back together, but he is my everything. I told him yeste...


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