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Friend in trouble with the law

Ok I know someone that just recently got put in jail this past weekend as they were charged with marijuana (less than 1 oz) and meth (which was not my friends but it was the friends that she had with her) well they got pulled over for her friend not ha...


Why do they keep liking my best friend but not me??

I am taking a break from my ex boyfriend (until he hits rock bottom on drugs) and I met someone and we were having fun saturday, dancing the nite away at a club. But then I just found out that it is possible he likes my friend. She's my closest friend ...


How does cum feel like on your stomach?

I was just wondering because it's the first time im going to do it with my boyfriend and I dont know what to expect haha. Like, does it shoot or does it feel like theres some kind of liquid spreading on your stomach? I just dont know haha how does it f...

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What should I do if I offended a guy that I like?

I was just talking to this one guy that I have a crush on, and we were talking about saving up money and stuff. He said that he had, like $700 saved up for College, and I told him that that would probably not get his very far.... I don't know why he's ...


my friends dont like my boyfriend?

my boyfriend THAT MAKES ME HAPPY is hated on by my friends. well just like 3. I don't know why but they dont like me being with him. I like them both equally. What should I do and what would you do?


What should I call him?

Okay so my boyfriend calls me baby and baby girl all the time etc. What can I call mine? What do yall call your boyfriends?

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How do you know your boyfriend is cheating?

My boyfriend seems to be a bit to himself, he says he doesn't text often, yet when I'm with him he text a lot, and he doesnt let me see his phone,
how do I know if he is cheating?


Which part of a girl is best to tickle?

which part of a girl is the best to tickle?

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What if my boyfriend uses me as a punching bag?

My boyfriend is very physical sometimes, most of the times whenever we have a fight. What should I do. Please don't say I'm stupid to have a guy hit me and not do anything about, I love him so much but I know he lets his TEMPER control, sometimes I ...


I need a way out of this ..

I am trying to stay modest. But the pressure and life in general is pushing me down. a lot of people might not notice, because I am always smiling and looking positive that my life is basically going down hill. It all started nine months ago when I los...


Do guys care if girls have muscles?

Ok, do guys like it if girls have large muscles in your legs, because I'm in a lot of sports and my calves are huge and same thing in my arms, I have a lot of muscles, so please tell me if guys have an opinion on muscles in a girl.

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Does she still love me?

I let my ex girlfriend borrow my ipod and she put a
song on it that makes me think that she still
loves me. The song is Do You by NeYo.
And it says "I just wonder do you ever think of me anymore? Do you?" I didn't ask her to
put any songs on my i...

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Should I let him know how I feel about him?

Ok so I liked this boy since last year and I don't know if its a good idea to let him know how I feel about him.when I first saw him I thought he was really cute. He's so nice and sweet, he makes me laugh but this was last year & when we were with all ...


where is there dad?


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Do hickys hurt

Do hickys hurt... and what do they feel like


Whats a good song to tell a girl you like her?

Whats a good song to tell a girl you like her PREFERIABLY rock


why is my ex boyfriend trying to make me feel bad?

me and my ex boyfriend have history both good and bad. we havent been together in 9 months but during that time we have try to be friends and we have try to bring back the fire we once had. everytime we agree to be friend he pushes me away and starts c...


Is it healthy to swallow cum?

I'm NOT planning on ever giving head, but I'm just wondering is it healthy to swallow? And I heard that it takes like whatever the guy last ate? Is this true?

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trying 69 for first time!

any tips directions what ever would be great because im nervous about trying 69 and I need advice :)


I've fallen for my best guy friend, and I'm a guy?

im arvex22 im a guy,,, I met a person who became my bestfriend in school we have a time together in eating and playing computer games... He is michael I love that fiend so much because he is the one who influence my life in the way that it should be we...


How do you know if you're gay?

How do you know if your gay. Im 15 and I've dated about 1 guy. Guys always call me fat and ugly. I kinda have a thing for girls. I've never been with a girl so I don't know. Latley I've been having dreams of me makeing out with girls and im just really...

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Ex wont leave me alone!

Ok this is a follow on from my other question! (boyfriend wants me back)

My boyfriend cheated on me last month and I dumped him. But now he keeps saying he wants me back and loves me. I think its a bunch of cr*ap but he says if I don't take him ...


How do I convince my boyfriend I'm ready for a baby?

hey every1 i have a situation ive been wit my bf 4 a while n we love each other truly hes older almost 30 and haz a 7 yr old daughter im 20 i have no kids yet but i want a baby the more ppl i know my age r having kids or just had a baby and i want one ...

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I hate my girlfriend's friend

Ok, so my girlfriend and I have been dating 1 year now. And about 2 months ago, she got this friend, her name is shelby. She is the freak of all freaks. At first I tried to give her a chance, because im not judgemental. But turns out. She was just like...


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