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Please help about the girl behaviour

Iam a married and having affair with a college girl from past few months. Really I dont know wether she has become close to me or not according to her behavior. She is used to call me in every few days and she will talk to me for more than a hour. Some...



I am 19 years old and I have never get a girlfrnd and I dont know what to do?I am kinda be shy when I talk to a can anyone help me...

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cheating wife. Doing the right thing?

14 mos ago my wife admitted to an affair. It was with a friend of mine whom she had seen 30-40 times over a month and a half. They were together when I was at work, out of town, asleep and even once she left a club to be with him while I wondered where...


My girlfriend's dad wants to kill me?

My gfs dad wants to kill me? I have never even met the guy before and he already told my girl that if I come near there house and he is there he was going to kill me and burry me in the back yard...he beats my girlfriend and she wont let me get a littl...


What will I do? I just want him back!?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up nearly 2 months ago and I'm now with someone else but I'm not really over adam (my ex) I find myself thinking about him everyday and to make it even worse I saw him today in town and all my feelings for him came rushing ...


How do I get my boyfriend's mom to give me another chance?

We've been together for a little while now and love each other but his mom hates me because she thinks I'm a bad influence because of some stuff other people posted on my Facebook and a few things I had on there.
So she wont let him see me and its be...


Who can give me advice on love?

Ok so im an 18 yr old girl...and im dating this guy whos studying medicine and his parents are kinda strict about him having a serious relationship. Were scared they wont accept our relationship. I've been stressing a lot lately because his parents wan...

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My girlfriend

My girlfriend used to be totally into me fingerin shes not...I think shes bored...can I have some tips??

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Should I stay or go?

I love a boii named Donte and he loves me and I asked him where is our relationship going and he said that he doesn't know (note we already went together 2 times). Then I asked him how he not going to know and what is holding him back, and that if he l...


My wife wants to bring a friend home...but I'm not so sure...

I have been married for 4yrs...we live together and everything is smooth. recently, she asked me if I wanted to bring another girl into bed... she works with this girl who is pretty cute... but I can't seem to decide if this would be a good idea or ...

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The Challenge

I have been give a challenge, I have to get a copy of a book- called Acheron by Sherrilya Kenyan. the challenge is to see if I can download off the net. is there anywhere were I can get it? please help guys


How do you turn on a girl haha im not used to it ...

How can you turn on a girl and make her really horny?? And how do you make her horny while txting her or msging her please help haha :)

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Can I find som one at that age? 44-40

Can I find som one at that age ?44 -40.


what is the difference between cute and hot.

what is the difference between cute and hot.

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Should i tell her i really like her or is a BIG mistake?

theres this girl im crazy about, and were friends, she trusts me and tells me some really personal things, but i'm worried that if i say i like her, she'll say no :/ plus i have a feelin selikes someone else because she sometimes has status updates li...


Am I mad?

I had this boyfriend lets call him ... Robbie
He was a year older than me
I went to a park ment to be meeting my friend
But my friend dinnt come and I met robbie there
I had hardly spoken to him before
After we spent the day together he asked me ...


boyfriend wants me to give him head

my boyfriend wants me to give him head and I dont know how to do that and if I do it will be my first time doing that, please help me and tell me what to do on this situation. If I do give him head how do I do it? Do I sit him down and do it or have hi...

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I really like him (not sure if he does) =[

well theres thiz special guy that took my ღ but I dont know if he likes me back...I really like him,like today we were like ALMOST next to each other in lunch...but his stupid friends were between us... I smiled at his direction & he just looked down.....

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dos this girl like me? need help

ok so this girl always walks by me and asks me for a high-5 and she stares at me. any one know? p.s I like her a lot and we have pet names im panda bear shes parana[dont ask]

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Does my crush possibly like me?

Ok, so there's this guy at my school that i've had a crush on since the seventh grade.
I know it seems a little sad but i haven't said one word to him.
I'm just that type of girl that gets so shy i can't even think straight!
Sometimes i'll be stari...


1 bff-or 2

me and my bff are like sistas. and every1 knows it. but theress this on girl who is awesome and is a total guy-magnet. every1 lieks her. and if I wanna still b friends with my bff,Jewelz, and she is bffs with Lily, how can I help it 2 wonder, can all ...

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Im 15 , he's 18--is that bad?

Im 15 , hes 18.
Is that bad? My mom knows , she don't mind. He dont seem as old as he is. Im more mature.

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Need your advice about friends and love

Earlier I posted a tipo question and I just want to correct it. My childhood friend of 14 years says he luvs me and wants more. He asked me out a couple of times but I said no because I didnt want to damage/ruin the relationship more but the main reaso...

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