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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Which one of us is right?

okay so I know this boy..and he asked me out
& I said no..I do like him like A LOT but the thing is, I've been in so many stupid relationships and I'm scared of getting hurt..and I told him that too. and he said ok I understand. so we were talking and ...


How can I just her to be my friend?

hey its me agian well after the thing with me and this girl she tells me she regrets it and will not drink agian and ahe does not feel we can be friends cause I party and drink and that happened( we messing around) so no I just want to be friends I fee...


eyes of love...

How can you tell if someone loves you? By their eyes and everything. Even if they like you, what usually happens? And, obviously,besides asking. How can you find out if someone likes you?


All my friend and loved ones are gone

I don't know what too do the only people who could ever make me happy and who could
Help me and make every thing all better are no longer here for me when I
Need them my x left me and never want's too speak too me again and he was
Like my best friend a...


Asking her out...

I've known this girl for 4 years now.. I really like her, and she kinda likes me, but she broke up with her ex a couple weeks ago. We hung out together and had a great time. She even gave me my first kiss! Now how do I know its time for me to ask her t...

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What if you know something your friend doesnt?

My friend doesnt know her boyfriend is cheating on her again bu ti do what should I do tell her or not?

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Why can't I get over my ex?

So it's been one year since me and him were together. We broke up over something so little, tried to work it back out but it just wasn't the same. I haven't talked to him since July but I can't stop thinking about him. :( I miss him very much. I don't ...


Get a girl to go on a date

I am 15 and I have friend that I what to ask out should I just go for it or wait see if she feels the same about me.She is a year younger and has never been on a date.I also have never dated before.Help please.

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should I move out??

so my roommates boyfriend is a douche, and I have the option of moving out to another hall
here's the catch... where I'm at now has two bedrooms... we each get our own, but we have community bath
where I'm going I'll share a room w// another person, ...

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is he over me?

ok..about almost 4 months ago I broke up w/ my boyfriend. I kinda miss him, even tho we nvr talk anymore. he's had like 4 girlfriend's since then. does that mean he is on the rebound? I mean, its always said that your true love will end up with you in ...


What should I do with him

My boyfriend is acting kinda dumb he is 16 and I am 15 and I don't know what I should do any thing yall suggest...


How to start talking to my crush?

I like this guy I have his cell phone number and I really want to talk to him but I dont know how to start it off
any advice?

ps. im not really close friends or anything to this guy oh and I dont want to be annoying him


How to get him back

Me and my ex were going out for a couple of weeks untill I did the worst thing ever. He told me his best friend liked me and asked me if I wanted to go with him and stupid me said yes. Me and him are still cool but I want him not his friend.



can someone help me

all of a sudden about a year ago I got attracted to emo and scene girls and I wanted some advice on why this happend to me


What to do when you break & you stiil likek them?

Ok so I went out with one of my friends but then we broke because we both thought it was awkard. But then about 3 weeks later he told me he liked me & asked if I liked him & I said yes so then he asked me out but I said no ... Cause I thought it would...


Loosing feelings on loved ones

Iam married allmost 4years now,last year late I realised that some changes with my wife's behavior.she started to loose feelings for me.when want to hold her she behave deferently/she feels unconfortable.when I want to make love to her she just hold ba...


need valentines day help!

what should I get her to tell her I like her? (we are in middle school)

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How do iqet this qirl off my back !!! ?

Ineed to qet this qirl off my back ! She'sz so freakinqq annoyingg !

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The Grace Paradox

So I think I like this girl Grace. Thats the bottom line. Buuut im not really sure. I know for a fact that she likes me, but I don't know if I like her. We've gone out once but all her friends pressured her into breaking up with me. I still liked her, ...


Why doesn't he want his friends to know

Me and this kid are friends with benefits and nobody knows. He doesn't want anyone to know why?



I have trouble making a conversation with my boyfriend.
He knows im a shy person and when we get back from a date he says to me on msn 'you dont talk much' when he doesnt even talk to ME.
And arent boys supposed to lead a convo anyways ? :S
What cou...



so my exbff is so annoyting
I used to eb able to tell her enything and she woudl never tell
me and my friend told her one of our secrets and she blabbed it to everyone
the other day she told me she liked h=this guy that I like and that she thought m...

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How do I flirt right?

I know, I know
I'm kinda shy,
any advice on flirting or just meeting new people?


What do you think?

Well there's this one guy right.? I don't know him that well but my best friend introduced me to him. He seems really nice and stuff. And he sent me this note that's really sweet. One part said,'if I was in a relationship I would like it to be with you...


How to get over him?

I've been in love with the same guy (Dan) since the seventh grade. So just about three years. I even liked him for and entire year while I was dating this other guy(Duke). Anyway, towards the end of me and Dukes relationship, Duke decided that he wante...