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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Should I get paranoid about being alone?

Hi. I'm a lonely teenager. and I know I shouldnt be depressed over it...because I'm not really alone I have friends and family. But I feel like really hollow and empty when I see people holding hands, kissing eachother. I know I shouldnt let it get to ...


Should I stay or should I go?

My boyfriend lives in La and I live in the Valley[Reseda] some stuff happened with him and his family. Now he has to transfer schools to some school out there. I son't know wether I should saty with him and try a long distance relationship or if I sho...

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My ex bestfriend is with my ex please help

ok ik I only 13 and I don't know luv but listen to the whole story...My and my ex are like of and on since we met which is this year... Ok here it goes

Me and my ex actully stayed together for the longest time weve ever been together... So we were o...


How to ask him out?

Me & my best friend like each other
we used to go out but it didnt work
but we have goten toknow each other a lot better now
and he was going to ask me out a few nights ago but I didn't relise and then he had to go back to the bording house
anyway ...


I want my ex back

ok well my ex just left me for another girl because he was scared and felt insecure but he was scared to tell me for my reaction.
And all I want is to get him back. I'd do anything. He's the highlight of my life he's the one that can make me laugh unt...


Why do people want to blow off happy people?

I've been really happy lately and I don't think I've been obnoxious about it or anything but people don't seem to like happy people. It's like they litterally dont want to be happy. At any rate, people keep blowing me off and stuff and it's really maki...


Friendship Problems

well+me+n+my+friend+got+in+a+fight.+I+just+needed+time+away+from+her+because+she+was+just+so+annoying+n+always+puttin+me+down.+She+knos+y+I+wanted+the+break+n+it+has+been+better+for+me+without+her+n+she+is+bein+a+butthead+bout+it+n+I don't know+wt+to+d...


What do I do?

I have an ex girlfriend, we broke up about 8 months ago, after a 8 year relationship, We both moved to a new place by coincidence it just happened to be the same city. I have seen here quite a bit since we moved and have found that I am still very mu...


How to get him back?

well now ma x is the love of my life and now he goes with hiz buddy / girl friend but I want him back like so bad and I don't know what to do I want to like give up . . now . . helppp me33333 . .

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How do you fing*r?

I want to finger my girl and she wants me to finger her but my question is that how do you finger. like what fingers do I use how do I find the g-spot. I just want to pleasure me and her as much as possible. Helpp?? thanx

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Not wanting to hurt your close friend

What do you do when you have a girlfriend, then discover that the person you liked before likes you now???

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How should I confront this boy?

Okay, so I've been keeping my eye on this kid at school. Hes not a stuck up jock or anything so I really think I might have a chance with him! So what should I do, how can I strike up a convo with him? Helpp me please;)


Why do nice guys finish last?

It seems to me that 90% of girls go for a guy that treats them like s*hit, why do you think that is? it makes no sense to me... I should just becaome an a$$hole myself and see what happens... but I cant, I care way to much.

What are your thou...


is it natural to always want it?

I have the urges to do it all day evryday. am I too horny? or does evrybody else feel like dis most their time when they get even the tiny-est sense of intamacy?



Is being prude a bad thing?


What to do about a love triangle ?

Hey uys I know this might sound bad but I have an amazing boyfriend who I have been going out with for almost 3 months.But theres a catch I am totally in love with one of my bestfriends but he is older than me but I dont know what to do PLEASE HELP !

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How to get over him?

what do you do if a guy has just broken up with you and you cant get over him but he tells you not to cut over him and you don't want to flirt with anyone else...

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What should I do

I get really nervous when I get a call from my girlfriend and she ask me to go to the movies or go to her house etc... hten I usually make up a dumb excuse
and I think its because im imbarist to ask my parents if I can go any advice on how to overcom...


How to help my pregnant friend?

my friend is pregnet and her boyfriend is telling her to have an abortion and that if she gose throught with it he wont take care of it and yesterday she descided shes going to go throught wiht it and I know that she will regret it cuse they already ha...

7 views and hi5

<p> has over 300 million registered members on the platform, which focuses on connecting people for friendship or dating. hi5 is a social network with global appeal. Is there a difference between the websites?</p>


Plenty of Fish

<p>Plenty of Fish is a free dating app dedicated to helping single people connect. It has 150 million registered user worldwide and 4 million active users every day. Does the mobile app offer in app purchases or is everything free of charge?</p>


What I don't know.. But I need help, So help please?

My boyfriend wants me to send him naked pics... Should I? I probably shouldn't but blah. :\

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Rape and Remembering.

So a while back ago around 3 years ago, I knew this girl and her boyfriend worked with the carnival. We met up with two other carnival guys and we started drinking. I was the one who got drunk the most out of the group. Well, one of the carnival guys t...


Who::: are you inlove?

Ok so you don't have to in love with someone it could be something but I just got bared an tuis just popped in my head just tell me something

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Friend problems

Ok. me and my friend went to the pool and I told her to ask this guy out for me. All she did was tell him that I liked him. Then she told me that he saied "no. Why would she want to go out with me?" then she told me to ask him out for he because she l...

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