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How to control myself when I get angry?

I don't know what it is, I get angree and the worst in me comes out, I take it out on the wroung people, and say things I don't need. =/

Anyways you think I could stop it?


Why did my friend throw up after bending over to pick up a book?

My friend was bending over to pick up a book for school and suddenly got the urge to throw up. Does anyone know why this would happen?


How can i lose some baby fat?

ok, before you say anything about how i shouldnt care blah blah blah, just listen. i only want to loose maybe 5-10 pounds because i have some baby fat in my lower stomach. i know proper diet and exercise are key, but what are some foods that help reduc...


How can I be anorexic so I get skinny?

I am 14 and I look digustinng I am fat and I look like crap I need some thing to help me !!! I want to be annorexix or some thing I just want to be skinny I don't care if guys don't find me attractive I just want to be able to look in the mirrorr and l...

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How can I stop overeating?

Lately I've been over eating and I'm pretty sure its because volleyball season just ended and I have to wait for another week for club volleyball start up but I've been overeating because I have nothing to do. How can I stop overeating


Why hiv can't be transmitted by mosquitos?

I know scientists say that hiv can't be transmitted by mosquitos - but why so? They can transmit so many other disease, why not hiv?



So I heard that it's super good if you drink lots of water before you go to bed. I drink about 3 cups before I go to bed and water is all I drink during the day besides sometimes juice.

Please explain all you know about this!

Thank youu alll !:)

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How to sober up when needed?

Any tips on how to become less drunk?
No this isnt to beat any sort of test, have you ever just gotten drunk and you know you've have too much to drink?
And you're scared of what you'll do?


Any moms out there with add? How do you cope?

I am a stay at home mom of 4, with a hard working husband who works at night and sleeps by day! and I cant seem to ever get passed the feeling like I am barely keeping my head above water with all of the household demands...writing bills, cleaning, la...


Is liposuction painful and how much does it cost?

Is Liposuction Painful? And How Old do you have to be to get it done?? And How much does It cost in the UK?

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Is there anyway to make my tooth grow in faster?

is there any possible way to make your tooth grow in faster? any ways or tricks? please help


Do I have a yeast infection?

I have itching and discomfort while whiping after going to the restroom. I have no discharge of any kind but it does seem to be kind of red down there. I have never had a yeast infection so I dont know what it feels like. Does it sound like I have one??


Is it bad sleeping with wet hair?

to make the question clearer, what I meant is, say I had a shower an hour ago but my hair is still wet/damp in some places, is it bad to sleep like that? some people I know, including my mom, say that it gives you an headache or something like that. I ...


Can you get backache from period pain?

I've had this agonising pain in the small of my back for over a day now. Because of it I can't physically move and I've collapsed from the pain twice now. It's really serious, could it be related to that?


Do cigarettes contain calories?

does cigarettes contain any calories??


35 weeks pregnant and today my pee is orange

35 weeks pregnant and tonight my urine is dark orange.. I usually always have light yello or clear pee, I only drink water thru out the day so I know I'm not dehydrated. Anyone know if theis is a sign of something!?


Does sucking of nipples change their color and size (make them bigger, darker, or more protruded)?

i mean from its 'virginal' look..considering u haven't gotten pregnant yet.

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shorten my period

I just started my period this month like 2 days ago is there anyway to shorten it
like by eating something ahhh


Why do I hump things?

Okay, sometimes when I'm alone at my house.. I usually take of my clothes, and HUMP things? I do it because it feels good. I don't know why I do it. I can't help it either! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. How do I stop? Why am I doing this? And how do I stop?

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How different is DEET from DDT?

In my environmental science class, we discussed the negative effects of the insect repellent DDT. I even read the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson about the damages it cause (Silent Spring led to the ban of DDT). I never liked any chemicals like tha...


Why dont I get armpit hair?

Alright lol weird question. Im a girl and I've basically been through the whole puberty thing since about a year ago? and I still dont have armpit hair lol im not saying thats a bad thing cause its good for me I didnt want five o' clock shadow on my ar...


Is it weird that I like feeling hungry?

this may sound odd to some but when I don't eat, and I'm starving, I love that feeling of emptyness, it's different from when your heart is empty..I don't know, I think it feels good, and I know, it's not normal..and I'm diagnosed with anerexia..BUT as...

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Should women breathe from the diaphragm?

I was learning how to sing, and most places told me to breath from the diaphragm. I once heard before that women should not do that, but children and men can. Is that true?


Why do you bleed when you're pregnant?

Why do you bleed when your long does it last...this question is only for mother and people who are pregnant


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