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Why Do I Get Really Bad Stomach Pains After Smoking Pot?

I'm a regular pot smoker I usually do it a couple times a day but I get really bad stomach paind to the point where I'm in tears and puking every 2 minutes. But if I smoke again the pain goes away.

Why do I get these stomach pains after smoking pot


My wife is looking into Neulasta?

My wife is looking into Neulasta, which is some sort of new sleeping meds or something. Her sleep cycle has not been a good thing for either of us. She has bad insomnia and I was wondering if these pills are safe?


Why is my vagina and butt crack dark?

why is my vigina and the butt crack dark when I have light skin how do I get rid of it?

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Can swisher cigarettes go bad?

I have a peach swisher and I have had it for a while does it go bad?


Wisdom teeth how long does it take you to recover?

I got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago and my cheeks are big and my mouth is really sore!!
If youve had yours out too...when did your swelling go down and how long did it take you to recover???



Girls weight

ok so I was wondering what the average weight for an athletic 15 year old girl whos 5'5 is?

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Is cutting addictive?

is cutting addictive cause I cut like every day or am I just weird?
like to hear your opinions


How/is it bad to draw on your tongue with sharpie marker?

My friend drew on her tongue with a sharpie yesterday, and it still isnt off of her tongue. So, is that bad? lol


Period websites?

What are some good period websites or blogs for someone who just got there period for the first time?


Where to find a really strong cold medicine?

Where to find a really strong cold medicine?
I've had a cold for a few days or so, and, I was just wondering where to find a really strong cold medicine.
If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate some feedback.


What can I do to stop head pain from a concussion?

hi guys, sorry if its long. well 2 fridays ago I was playing american footbal with some mates and I crashed into a guy and our heads cracked,I broke his nose (by accident) and then I went to the floor and I hit my head off of the ground too, I was in ...


My friend is anorexic

My friend is anorexic how can I help her

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How long can you preserve sperm?

I was wondering how long can you perserve sperm in a sperm bank? Can you perserve it for hundreds of years? Thousands? Millions? Billions? How long will it last. I wonder this because could I technically have a child hundreds or thousands of years...


What foods should you eat to stop craving junk food?

What foods should you eat to stop craving junk food?
Besides the oblivous, of course.
Give me some additional information.
Food sticks to me, and I'm a fan of junk food.


I drink coffee all the time and I just cant seem to get any energy

I drink coffee all the time and I just cant seem to get any energy in my body.
I'm not a lazy person I just so tired all the time. and I cant seem to get anything done
what should I do?


What can I use on my rough face?

My face has suddenly gone rough tellme what can I do about it?


What are the dangers of getting high of nutmeg ?

I've got high of taking nutmeg and wanted to know the dangers of taking it =

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How do we inherit our genes?

For my science hw we have to find out how we inherit our genes.. any help?


Why do oranges make me really sick?

I love oranges..but every time i eat one i get extremely sick..its so weird..

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give yourself pregnancy symptoms by thinking your pregnant.

Is it possible to give yourself pregnancy symptoms by thinking your pregnant...???
Is feeling nausiated all day a symptom of being pregnant..!!!
How about when you eat something and want to throw it up right after??


Early period and im taking ephedra 5?

I've been taking ephedra 5 for about 2 weeks on and off because I forget once in awhile.. I dont take more then recommended amount.. I actually take less most of the time.. It has been working for me but today I started my period. This is very abnormal...


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