How do people get diabetes?

Is it from sugar?

Answer #1

Yes, sometimes people eat WAY to much sugar and there sugar levels go up and gets to a diabetic level I think carbs cause it to I’m not sure?

Answer #2

It depends what you are talking about. Type I diabetes is where your body doesnt make enough insulin. This can be caused by genetic abnormalies, pancreatic cells dying, the pancreas being removed etc. Type II is caused by a number of factors, which include genetic predisposition and lifestyle factors. A diet high in sugar does contribute to type II diabetes but its not as simple as that and there are many factors involved.

Answer #3

Sugar IS a carbohydrate, and no, its not just that blood glucose levels are high, diabetes is either the lack of insulin or the body not responding to it.

Answer #4

Ah okay sorry I’m not expert I. This area xD

Answer #5

No need to be sorry, just wanting to clear up its a bit more complex. Im not exactly an expert in this either, but its always interesting to learn more

Answer #6

all i know is it runs in my family and thats how i got it.

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