How to get on the pill without my mom knowing?

Answer #1

u can ask a friend r something to help take u r ask a friend for some.

Answer #2

Chances are, if you’re going to the doctor to get prescription birth control pills (there are very few, if any, birth control pills that don’t require a prescription) then you will need to provide some sort of medical insurance/billing information to be covered. Unless you’re paying for them with your money (doctor’s visits are pretty expensive without insurance), your parents will find out one way or the other.

If you want to go on the “pill”, then just tell your parents that you want to start taking them, with the assurance that you’re not already sexually active (if you’re not). Most parents are hesitant because they believe once you’re on the pill, it’s like a free ticket to have sex, but that’s not true at all.

Answer #3

Planned Parenthood.

Answer #4

My sister went in and had my brother with her, they required her to have the parent with her.

Answer #5

I’d like to emphasize a point here. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING THAT HAS NOT BEEN PRESCRIBED TO YOU. Do not borrow some off a friend or share a prescription between them. This is important as the pill must be taken every day for 21 days (this is the combined pill, the most common type of pill) and you cannot miss more than 1 pill. When you start the pill you have to take one every day for 7 days and you aren’t fully protected until the 7th pill, the 7th day. You will then take the pill until you get to the last one, the 21st and then take a 7 day break with no pills (you are protected during this break) and on the 8th day you start your 21 days of pill-taking. This is why it’s important to have your own prescription of pill and to not borrow a friend’s, especially as the pill may not be right for you, may have side effects, you may need a different dose. Now for getting it.

I don’t know if things work the same way in the US but in the UK under 16s are entitled to free contraception. To get the pill over here we’d get an appointment with a GP and if you think it’s suitable for you they’d get you a prescription and you’d make further appointments to check if it’s working okay and to collect more lots of the pill. This process is confidential and if they tell your parents it is breaking patient-doctor confidentiality. However, if this is not the case and you may need to pay tell your mum you have bad period pains and heavy periods or something and they may prescribe you the pill. The pill is given to reduce period pain and period amount. Or tell her you want to be ready and safe and start taking the pill. Taking it doesn’t mean you’re having sex, it means you’re ready for when you start to have sex. It means you’re protected and taking responsibility.

Answer #6

sorry, I meant to say if THEY think it’s suitable for you

Answer #7

well depending on where you live, you might have a clinic that gives it our for free. There is one where I live. Like the person above me said, it would be safe to bring medical stuff, but I’m not sure if a free clinic would need it since I have never been there. My friend got birth control from them for maybe a year or two.

Answer #8

search for a free clinic in your area, you can ask your school officials

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