Is it better for your breasts to sleep with or without a bra?

Answer #1

If you do sleep with a bra on you have a better chance of getting breast cancer.

Answer #2

There’s no medical or scientific proof to actually back that up, it’s a proven myth if anything.

Answer #3

I’m gonna have to say without. The material irritates my skin when I sleep with a regular bra on, but I don’t think it gives you chances of cancer lol. Ive been sleeping with bras on for like 3 years & ihave no problems(i forget to take them off allll the time.). But sports bras are probably fine.

Answer #4

It really is personal choice, larger breasted women might find the support more comfortable though. Personaly I sleep without one.

Answer #5

Its all personal preference. I personally hate bras and it comes off as soon as I get home basically :p

Answer #6


Answer #7

I like to sleep with a sports bra.

Answer #8

Without a bra.

Answer #9

That’s only if it has an underwire isn’t it? o-o

Answer #10

no, there has been no evidence found to support the bra, underwire or not is a cause.

Answer #11

Okay. o.o

Answer #12

I can’t sleep with a bra on, it’s very uncomfortable. I don’t like wearing them when it’s hot either, havn’t worn one in a couple of days :)

Answer #13

I wear a c cup and I sleep without one. I toss around in my sleep so my bra just gets super uncomfortable and irritating, and puts a lot of strain on my back.

Answer #14

Lol I prefer without one but when I go to sleep I’m just too tired and I can’t ever remember to take them off.. So I usually sleep with one xD but I take them off if I remember:P

Answer #15

I think its better to sleep without one on. There isnt so much pressure on your breasts from the bra.

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