Can I go to the doctor and get a pill that will help me sleep without a doctor's prescription?

If so what would it be called? And can I get it off the shelf from there or would I have to go up to the big desk? C: Information you may need to know is that I am 15 and I live in sa.

Answer #1

My advice on this is to go to the drug store and speak with a pharmacist about buying something over the counter. I have found pharmacists to be very knowledgable and always willing to help .They actually know more about medication than doctors.

Answer #2

Its called Melatonin but be warned it will make you have very realistic dreams

Answer #3

I don’t have that problem with Melatonin tho. It doesn’t just knock me out, but helps me to relax and get to sleep. Also I feel more rested if I take Melatonin.

Answer #4

I had that every time I took it, my children have said the same thing. I do feel more rested but its not worth the dreams I have with them

Answer #5

That’s odd :P. How many mg of Melatonin are in the ones you take, just out of curiosity?

Answer #6

6mg, I would take two 3mg

Answer #7

Ok. I take 1 of the 1mg ones. Maybe that’s the difference :P.

Answer #8

Yeah could be, I will ask my doc next time I see him

Answer #9

Melatonin is the best

Answer #10

I agree with everyone else. I also have Melatonin on hand (mainly for my brother when he sleeps over, he has such a hard time falling asleep that we have to give him two 3mg about 4 hours before midnight) but due to my schedule of waking at 3 in the morning and going to bed at 10…it doesn’t get taken.

Answer #11

Ask your parents first & foremost - before taking anything without consulting a doctor first.. Pharmacist or no pharmacist.. .

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