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I want to loose weight..

I'm 16, im around 11stone witch is 154 pounds, people say I am skinny, I only get called fat when I get bullied really, I aint got bullied for over a year now, I got a belly on me and I cant wear nice tops without wearing a jacket because I hate my sto...


How can I motivate myself to lose this extra weight?

so I'm a fifteen year old girl in the ninth grade. I used to be overweight to the point where the doctor recommended me to lose weight in like fourth grade. I was so devastated realizing that I was overweight that I became the healthiest person you cou...


Good exercises to make my belly flat? (quick?)

Okay, so there's this huuuge beachparty here on the island that I live on December 5th. (Because december 5th is Sinterklaas-it's a Dutch Holiday) Like,seriously,a Miami-beach party ish. Theres going to be cameras everywhere filming it (for 2 tv-shows...


will I lose muscle if I have enough protein but still few calories?

I am a teenage girl really trying to lose weight fast because I have been trying with failing for the past 2 years. For some reason I get too afraid to lose my lean muscle mass. I am 5 ft 7 and 136 pounds but I would like to be 120 because I do still h...


Want to lose weight or gain muscle and run faster

I was wondering how I could lose some weight and or gain more muscle and be a faster runner I am 15 5,9 196lbs build like a brick s"it house im a big kid theres no hiding that but I wouldnt call my self fat just big and built I would like to at least w...


Gaining Weight (the healthy way please)

So, I'm a hockey player, I would say im a little bit below average for people my age (my weight)
Anyways, I eat all the time I've been reffered to as "THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" or "THE COW" So yup, I pack it away, but I dont seem to be gaining any weight I...


Who can help me with bodybuilding?

hey evryone im 5'7 last time I check that was quite awhile ago so iunno now I weigh well im not sure but I weighed 180lbs just about 2 weeks ago and scince then I feel very week and I cheked the scale and its an electric one and it said 169lbs and I k...


How can I lose weight to be prettier?

I know this has been asked so many times and the response is normally "you dont need 2 lose weight" but I dont care I really need some help

im so sick of never being noticed by guys

my skinnier, prettier friends go from one boyfriend 2 the next with...


How much weight would be lost from this workout?

I am an 18 year old male who weighs 168lbs. A year ago I weighed around 180lbs. For the past year I just quit eating all of the junk food uncontrollably, I didn't exercise on a daily basis or anything. I did, however, exercise whenever I felt the urge,...


Who can have eating disorders? Do I?

I'm not overweight, nor am I underweight. I'm 18, 5'1'' and weigh 118. I have 13% body fat. In August, when I started college I weighed 133. I'm on the field hockey team and started to work out before and/or after practice because I never felt like I w...


Help me with my weight please?

look seriously I'm not them skinny girls that sayy oo I wanna loose weight when they weigh like 7 stone, im actually big boned and wanna loose weight, a lot of people say that im not actually fat im quite wide with big boobs cause im a 38F which is pre...

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How to lose 20lbs in a safe way?

Hey everyone hope you're doing well, My name's Drake I'm a Senior in High School just got accepted to WSU I'm 17 and I'm about 5' 10 and weigh around 180. I'm getting annoyed with how I've been eating lately and I can see if I continue this way I will ...


How can I have a tiny waist?

Alright, so this is going to be weird but..

I started getting mental treatment for annorexia about 2 months ago... I weighed about 110-112 pounds, at 5"7... it might not sound that drastic to you, but parents seemed to think so. I had every side effec...


Hatred of Running?

Need help really badly. I'm overweight, and I am dieting along with trying (put the emphasis on TRYING) to get some exercise into my life. This includes running in my neighborhood because I don't like things like track and cross country due to my disli...


Can this help me lose then maintain my weight?

To start off with I want to be able to eat other things besides JUST salad and fruit all day long. I usually eat breakfast and lunch at my High school. Which usually consists of, Breakfast: 70 cal dry cereal bowl, fruit cup & OJ OR 5 thin French toast ...


What are some really healthy meals I can incorporate into my diet?

Okay so currently, my diet is, well, anything from healthy.
I have a very bad habbit of feasting on chocolates, cakes, cookies, fast food, bad carbs, butters, fats, yeah you get the point.
Anyways, i really need to start looking at this through a he...


What is a diet supplement or pill that helps with weight loss (read more)?

Alright, before I start getting 'eat right and don't be lazy' comments, I DO NOT want a quick fix, lay on the couch eating potato chips kinda weight loss. I DO NOT want anything that has a massive amount of stimulants, or messes with scary stuff like m...


Safe, effective diet pills?

OK, I was wondering if any of you have taken Alli diet pills? I stopped nursing my 8 month old a few weeks ago, so there is no chance at all that I'll pass any dangerous ingredients to him.
I need to lose about 10 lbs. In reality, I need to lose 30, b...


How do you lose weight with a terrible metabolism?

I have got to have the world's worst metabolism. I used to weight 340lbs, but over the course of two years, lost 110lbs. Unfortunatly, I gained back 40, but am still significantly smaller than I used to be, so I'm happy about that.

The problem is,...


How can I lose or maintain weight and still be able to drink?

Alright, this is for more or less, advice. I am 22, 6'4 and I weight (depending on my night it seems) about 240 -- I have my gains and losses depending on what is going on in life - I've been 260 - and down to 206 and up to 250 and back down to 240 mo...


What should I do about my binge eating?

I've been binge eating since I was 3... I know it sounds weird, but yes, I was emotionally eating when I was 3! I was always sneaking food to myself and pigging out, and I've always been overweight.

I've noticed my problems so many times. Today I felt...


What will it really make a difference?

I am 17 and am reasonably happy with my body. Well I'm fine with how it looks in clothes. I used to hate either my stomach, thighs or bum at some point or another for ages, but I've had an amazing boyfriend for the past 15 months and he genuinely loves...


starving to a binge. what is going on now??

I've always had eating problems, but for the past 2 months or so it got extreme. It was jumpstarted with running approx 6 miles every couple days and not eating much, which made me lose weight. I saw I was loosing, and it snowballed. I more or less sto...


Can I drop the diet and just train harder?

April of last year I got very dedicated about losing weight. I restricted my calorie intake from what I estimated to be about 5000-7000 down to 2500 per day. I also began strict weight training on my bench at home, and I started running. At first I cou...


Why does my body always put on weight?

Hello! I'm 32, 5'7", and I have a "tempermental" weight issue. The trouble is, I eat well (rarely eat pasta, and infrequently eat whole wheat/muti-grain bread, eat veggies, rarely eat sweets, eat cheeses, meats, etc). When I work out vigerously, I d...


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