Any possible way to lose 100lbs quick?

im tired of this bull I want to lose 100 lbs by the end of this year..but how?

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I would caution you against trying to make changes to your body too quickly. there is no easy way to lose weight. no matter if it is 10 pounds or 100, it is going to take time, dedication, and work. if you loose weight too quickly you may have problems with loose skin. but if you eat properly and exercise regularly results are possible. check with a doctor first to be sure you follow the right plan, once you get the go ahead from your doc, talk to a fitness instructor or personal trainer to get ideas of what you can do to make your workouts effective. I would also suggest talking with a nutritionist. that way you can develop an eating plan that optimizes your weight loss, but also provides you with a balanced diet. the only alternative to this is gastric bypass...and that is risky! as I said talk to your doc about your options and what is right for you!

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I cant afford a trainer and my doctor doesnt do those kinds of things, they just are good for telling you your fat.(its a government funded hospital) and im going to lose that weight I dont care if I have to starve myself. also I cant afford fresh fruits and veggies, because I live in alaska and its 4 dollars for an avacodao

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Geez, 4 dollars for an avocado?? Dang, well what I do is dance around my house listing to music/ipod dancing crazy and stuff I burn lots of calorties that way/.

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This won't be easy to lose weight that quick like you want but, you're going to have to diet and exercise.
Go for walks, work out in either your own home, the Gym, or take an Erobics class this Summer.

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First you need to change the way you eat and cut back on the white stuff (or at least this is what helped me when I started losing weight) likes breads, pasta's, potatoes, etc and also of course cut out the junk foods and soda's. Start exercising and drinking water as much as possible... For the past 2 weeks almost I have been drinking mostly water only and exercising and last week by doing that I lost 4 lbs in a week.. Exercise is the KEY!!! It is possible to do this but you have to have the will power and be dedicated.. I lost 64lbs w/in 10 months by just changing the way I ate and drinking Green Tea mostly and of course Exercising.

If you need more tips funmail me.

Losing weight quickly?
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If you are serious, you might really be able to lose that much in a 10 month period or so through diet and exercise. Try reading "Body for Life" for a simple to follow plan (simple in the sense that it isn't complicated, but hard in the sense that it requires complete dedication and discipline).

Few people have the discipline to carry through with it (which is why the US is morbidly obese on average), but it really does work.

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