If you lose weight, do you get taller?

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If you lose weight you usually look taller, but you don't actually grow taller.

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Well I have been through a "fatty" time but I lost weight like any body else do (the healthy way) then every-one was shoked on how much taller I actually am but I wasnt any taller I had the exact same height,nothing different! so ofcorce you wont get taller ull be the exact same amount as you where befor! have fun..

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Where would you come up with that? No. You get skinnier, loosing weight has nothing to do with height. Height is genetic, so you get that from your family.

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I understand your question because I just lost 20kgs and when I see peolpe I havent seen for a while they comment on how much weight I've lost and also how tall I have gotten!!!But my height is exactly the same as before my weight loss,being slimmer just makes you look more stream line and taller.Its more of an allusion than anything else,sooo..nope,sorry,you don't grow taller through weight loss.

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But I agree with heathershaw05.

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No. Its a total myth.

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