Is this wrong?

do you think its wrong that my friend at lunch today,
ate a peperoni pizza in front of me, and a cookie and basically dangled it infront of me, seriously she was like

YUMMM and ate both of those things when she KNOWS im on a very strict diet.

It really pissed me off.
what do you guys think?

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She was probably just joking around...and I could understand that your upset but friends will play random jokes on you sometimes so you shouldn't take it the wrong way I mean after all is she your friend right? ...but like if she constantly does it then you should have a little talk with her to let her know you feel

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700 cal a day isnt a diet, it is bordering on starvation. If you chose to put yourself through it, then you're going to have to deal with food being around you. Maybe your friend thinks it is unhealthy and is trying to convince you to eat more.

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Haha a diet? I guess that explains the 700 calories a day... but I diet isnt eating less its eating proper... but she was probably just teasing you with is also a test of your will power of your diet so dont worry, unless she keeps it up then give her a quick talking to.

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She doesn't sound like a friend. Why are you on this diet? Is it to lose weight?
If so, maybe she is trying to sabotage you because she knows that you are going to look really good when you lose weight.
Who knows, but, yes, of course it was wrong.

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All it does is build willpower. You should try eating Iraqi food for 6 months and then go to America and try not to benge...

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thats not really a friend. a true friend would supprt you through something like this and not try to make you feel bad about trying to make yourself feel better about your life by being healthier. just a thought.

Here is a famous quote. maybe it will help you see what I'm trying to tell you.

"Never hurt a friend. Not even in jest."

Maybe she doesnt really thinks it bothers you. Have you talked to her about it? And if you have how did she react? Maybe you should talk to your friend about this.

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She probably thinks you don't need to be on a diet, I mean I don't know why you are so mabye there is a reason. Girls are also just mean, my friends have done that kind of stuff before and I confronted them and they apologized and stopped. Talk to her about your feelings, she will probably understand.

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Hahaha, she was wondering if I ate in front of her she's going to ask me for some cookies.

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