Woodbury (New Jersey)

Woodbury is the county seat of Gloucester County in Southern New Jersey. It has a blend of Victorian homes, natural parks, beautiful waterways and recreational facilities that makes this city one of Southern New Jersey's hidden gems.

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About Woodbury (New Jersey)

The City of Woodbury, one of the oldest "small cities" in the United States, had its beginning in 1683 when Henry Wood, a Quaker from Bury, England, settled here.

By 1715 Woodbury had become a Quaker religious center and was a thriving hamlet at the onset of the American Revolution. Given its close proximity to Philadelphia, Woodbury had a significant place in the history of the nation’s birth.

The Red Bank Battlefield, where Fort Mercer is located and where, in 1777, 600 determined Americans defeated a Hessian force of 6000, lies 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Woodbury.

The famous British General Lord Cornwallis, who would later surrender to George Washington at Yorktown, had his headquarters in Woodbury during his advance to capture the City of Philadelphia in 1777.

By the mid-nineteenth century Woodbury had grown considerably and was incorporated as a city in 1854. Woodbury enjoyed its greatest economic and population growth between 1880 and 1900. This was accomplished in large part as a result of the Green family and their patent medicine industry.

Woodbury has been the county seat of Gloucester for over two centuries. The county continues to develop its operational base throughout Woodbury. This fact, along with the growth of Underwood Memorial Hospital, has made Woodbury the legal and medical hub of the immediate vicinity.


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