Western Utah

Western Utah is a region of Utah encompassing the counties of Box Elder and Tooele, as well as the western halves of the counties of Juab, Millard, and Beaver (west of longitude 113W).

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About Western Utah

Western Utah is covered with gigantic expanses of flat desert, punctuated by sudden, forested mountains. Its larger towns are all located in the extreme east of the region, near the more populated regions of Wasatch Range and Central Utah. Much of the region is off limits to the curious and the adventurous, as it is home to the Dugway Proving Grounds, an enormous military area which has been the object of not a few conspiracy/UFO theories. Travelers who do make it out to the far western desert will be rewarded mostly with solitude, but also some extreme (and potentially dangerous) desert wilderness backpacking opportunities. Note that at only 60 miles from Salt Lake City you are likely to only encounter sage brush covered desert or trail heads leading into the mountains. A tamer outdoors experience can be had at the region's most popular attraction, the Deseret Wilderness Area.


Source: wikivoyage