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The Třeboň Chateau

Another mighty house of the Schwarzenbergs enriched the chateau with Baroque elements at the outer courtyard. The chateau is surrounded by a wonderful park with ramparts. The largest part of the chateau is occupied by the depository of the State Regional Archives. The foundation of the archives dates back to the year 1602 when a new archive of the Rosenberg house was founded after Petr Vok had to move his family seat from Český Krumlov to Třeboň. A great merit of the establishment of the archives goes to the significant historian and archivist Václav Březan. It is one of the largest chateau complexes in the Czech Republic. Its present shape is a work of Renaissance architects who at the place of a Gothic castle built a palatial seat of the significant Czech house of the Rosenbergs.

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The Třeboň Spa

Offers a stay and body and soul therapy in two spa houses – the Berta´s Spa and the Aurora Spa. Natural peat from the bogs around the town is used for the treatment of locomotive organs.

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The Brewery Regent

There are guided tours of the historical buildings connected with a beer tasting.

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About Třeboň

Třeboň grew with the development of fish farming in the region. The nearby area is filled with very old man-made fish ponds that are still used today. The nearest is the Svet Fishpond which dates from the 1570s.