Nakano (中野) ward (often called Nakano city in English), adjacent to Shinjuku, is the near edge of the endless urban sprawl of western Tokyo.

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51 weeks of the year, this is just a small, unimportant and uninteresting temple connected to an equally uninteresting park / playground. But during one week in the year, in early April, this is where Nakano celebrates hanami. There are lots of white cherry trees on the way there already, and some more sakura can be seen on the grounds. At this time, there are also lots of food stalls and even a small stage with some traditional singing and dancing going on. If you want to be amazed by the sheer number or size of cherry trees (or hanami parties), there are better places in Tokyo. But if you're in Nakano anyway, it's a nice place to see how the local people enjoy the sakura season and grab some typical Japanese bites.

SEE   —  5-3-5 Arai, Nakano

Nakano Broadway and the Broadway Arcade

On the 2nd and 3rd floor of this otherwise typical suburban shopping complex is the Broadway Arcade. Renowned throughout Tokyo and beyond for its jam-packed stores catering to the "otaku" culture of comics, anime, collectible toys, and the like. If you're looking for two-meter-high Godzilla figure, this is where you'll find it. There are also some used and specialty audio and video equipment stores, along with a wide variety of other stores catering towards the general public mainly on the lower levels. Note, that no escalators go to the 2nd and 4th floor but there's several staircases.

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Various Eateries

While you probably won't find any outstanding restaurants in Nakano, there's lots of options if you get hungry while there. There are lots of restaurants (mostly chains) in Nakano Sunmall and dozens of eateries and izakaya in the side streets next to it. There's something for every taste, e.g. Ramen, Sushi, Soba, Curry, Pizza, Burgers, etc.

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Nakano Sunmall

The center of Nakano's commercial area is a over 200m long covered shopping street (arcade) featuring a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants. Branching off to the east are several side-streets with various additional restaurants, including many Izakaya.

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The Hangover

This is a bar for the microbrew enthusiast. There are beers from Japan and other countries in bottles and on tap. The selection changes from week to week, which means there's always something new on hand. Bar food is available, as well. English is spoken.

Marui's Restaurant Floor

A couple of typical department store restaurants, offering both Japanese and overseas food.

EAT   —  3-34-28 Nakano


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