Thethi is a village surrounded by Thethi National Park, up on Albanian Alps, in Northeastern Albania, in Shkodra District.

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Thethi Park InfoPoint

This little and improvised Tourist Info Point located at the entrance of the village can help finding a guesthouse, provide rentals, local guides, and two way radios. Contact Jimmy (Gezim).

Thethi Tourist-Information

The little Tourist Information located in the center of the village can help to find a family-run guesthouse to stay at.

OTHER   —  +355 68 20 03 393 —  Map

Carku Guesthouse

This is a traditional Albanian guest house in the small village of Thethi.

SLEEP   —  Thethi


OTHER   —  +355 69 67 31 932 —  Map

About Thethi

Thethi is a scenic village that became a tourist resort and one of the most preferred places for alpinism in Albania. Together with Razma, it composes the most frequented center in the North Albania. They function during all the year. Thethi village is surrounded by a mountain range, which offers a peculiar beauty along the sun set. The highest peaks are: Rodohina Mountain 2596 m; Harapi Mountain 2216 m; Populka Mountaun 2600 m and Alia Mountain 2400 m.


Source: wikivoyage