Ternopil (Ukrainian: Тернопіль) is a city the Ukrainian part of East Galicia.

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Monument to the Hero-sailor

On the embankment of the pond near the church Nadstavnoyi long time was a monument to the Hero-Sailor. The fact is interesting because the sailors in the city never vodylos. Monument sailor had already set in the 60's, though he represented the defense of the city, Ternopil lake. The monument was also a symbol of the city "port", which pulled even in 70 years. Sine 1990 the monument nameed the "Seagull."

Old Windmill, museum

Ethnographic exhibit, reflecting the culture of our people, talks about life, customs Ukrainian. Mills collection include old photographs of Ternopil, various gas lamps, clay and ceramic pots, candlesticks, abacus, refineries, tubs, scales, cords, lamps, spindles, paintings, bags, even Ukrainian costumes on the walls. The Old Mill is 4 floors, and each decorated in its unique style.

Castle remains

Founded in 1540. This fortification was cut way rider on broad expanses of Terebovlia to Busk. In the 1830's its was rectangular in shape. On the part of the castle was protected by a deep ditch and fortified rampart and oak palisade. From west of its an artificial pond created in the year 1548. Nowadays, only its palace survived.

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Dominican Church

in late European Baroque style. The impressive (former) Roman Catholic church with two graceful towers built in 1749-79. - In 1992, the building was renovated and handed over to the community of Greek Catholics. The interiors are not preserved. In the square opposite the Dominican church is a monument to Prince Daniil Galitsky.

Zagrebellia Dendropark

Created in 1994 in order to preserve the natural state of some typical natural complexes and objects, providing the conditions for the rest of the population. The park include couple small forests of 'Science', 'Kutkivtsi', 'Pronyatyn', a nursery "Green economy" and rowing channel beach. The park 630 ha.

Park of the National revival,the Singing Field

Area 49 ha, founded in 1978. In 1986, built first in Ukraine Song Festival Grounds. Scene designed by 1200 artists. In the amphitheater hosted 5000 visitors. Here held song festivals, holidays, activities for the City Day. Park has about 60 species of trees

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Church of Zarvanytskoi Divine Mother

This is the first wooden church from the time still existed in Ternopil wooden church in the years 1600-1601. The construction used Carpathian fir-trees. Works completed masters from villages gutsulskogo Mykulychyn, including Stephen Ivankov.

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Monument to Danylo Halytskyy

Daniel belonged to the famous of the great dynasty Rurik dynasty. Danilov Roman Mstyslavych succeeded his father in 1199 to unite Volyn and Galician lands. Most serious foreign policy challenge of Prince Danilo were the Mongol-Tatars.

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Grave of Amvrosiia Krushelnytskogo

Monument on a rural cemetery shows by itself the figure of woman with a lyre and theatrical mask in a hand. Monument in 1903 years Solomyieiu Krushelnytskoiu is brought from Italy and next year set on the grave of its father.

Church of the Exaltation of the Cross

Built in the Renaissance style. The first information about this church is found in literacy Prince Ostrozky of 1570. Front tower that was once at the same time and bell tower, completed in 1627.

Cathedral of St. Martyrs of Faith, Hope, Love and Their mother Sofiya

Former Polish brickyard. By laying the foundation for the house builders have repeatedly found fragments of ancient bricks and even come across an underground channels for the exhaust.

Temple of God's mercy and Incessant Help of God's Mother

Roman Catholic Church, of which height was to be planned 42 m to the base of the cross. However, the construction made the adjustments - the church was higher by about 2 m.


Sights: Assumption church + bell tower (Успенська церква + дзвіниця), early 17th century, 1650-1653; Jewish necropolis (єврейський некрополь), 15-20th century.

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Berezhany castle + church

Built in 1534-1554. Also here SS.Peter and Paul (Nativity of Virgin Mary) church (фарний Петропавлівський (Різдва Діви Марії) костел), 1600-1620, 1679-1685.

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Monument to T.H.Shevchenko

The monument is a bronze figure of Taras Shevchenko, who sits installed on two-stage granite pedestal gray. In 1982, was inaugurated this new monument.

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Poninskis' castle (замок Понінських), 17th century, 1820; Near to village are: Canyon-crater (каньйон-кратер); Dzhuryn waterfall (Джуринський водоспад).

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Soltoii Dukat

There is a nice place with a good green tea and tasty cakes in the city center. It also has wi-fi. -Be careful, it is downstairs in a cellar.


Sights: Trinity church + bell tower (Троїцький костел + дзвіниця), 1761-1779; Mykulyntsi castle (замок Микулинці), 1570-18th century.

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St. Yosaphat's church

The temple was built and consecrated in honor of St. Josaphat Kuntsevicha, who born in 1580 in Meshchanskaya family in City Lutsk.

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

built in 2000. Ukraine has only one copy of the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which was attached to the original.

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Old Park

Area 7 hectares, founded in 1860 during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today he is a quiet holiday area.

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Kremenets castle ruins

1290's-16th century, more Nearly three hundreds years old complex of college (Aнсамбль колегіуму), 1731-1743

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Yazlivets palace & landscape park

Built in 17-18th century. More sight: Yazlivets castle (замок Язловець), near Buchach, 14-18th century.

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Translation of the Relics of St.Nicolas church (церква Перенесення мощей св.Миколая), 1296-1310, 1611.

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Church of Sv. Mykolaia

The greco-catholic temple without regard to the age (1815) looks it is well-groomed and neatly.

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St. Michael's temple

founded in 1997. Fests October 14 at the feast of the Protection of the Virgin Mary.

Pochaiv Lavra

Cave Monastery complex,- second most famous after Kyiv Lavra,- 16-19th century

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Transfiguration of God church (церква Преображення Господнього), 1794-1798.

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Bernardines monastery of Zbarazh

Built in 1627-1637; Zbarazh castle (замок Збараж), 1626-1631.

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A nice Church & chapel (костел + каплиця), 1871.

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Koza Bar

It is an hip students-bar. Free Wi-Fi of course

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Budaniv castle

Built in beg.17th century, rebuilt in 1765.

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Sydoriv castle

Built in 1640s, 1st half of 18th century.

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Chortkiv four hundred years old St.Stanislaus church

And monks cells (келії), 1603, 1910.

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Koropets, Kasimir Badeni's palace

palace and landscape park, 1906

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Skala-Podilska castle ruins

Built in 1518-mid-18th century.

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Ternopilskyi pond

Tourist boat, east shore

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Dykanka Resting house

67 3506752 352 421212,

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S5km, Swimming pool

Zolotyi Potik castle

beg. 17th century.

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Gusyatyn, Bernardines monastery

Built in 1610.

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Borschiv People's house (Russian house)

Assembly Hall

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Kryvche, Crystal cave and castle ruins

Built in 1639

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Kudryntsi, Herburts' castle ruins

Built in 1615

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Skalat castle


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Rusyliv waterfalls

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Philharmonic Hall

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