Sisian is a city in Southern Armenia. It is a pleasant if unremarkable town, always cooler than Yerevan.

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Sisian Hotel

Cheap, clean place, not much changed since Soviet times, but helpful and central. The Sisian Hotel is in the center of Sisian town. The hotel offers 31 rooms including two luxury suites. All rooms are traditionally furnished, and are equipped with telephone, color TV, and hot showers are available. Hotel serves traditional Armenian cuisine 3x daily. Can also cater for other requests from guests staying at the Hotel such as regional tours and transportation.

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Shaki Waterfall

A nice place for a picnic on a hot day, you'll have to pay them to turn the waterfall on full blast. No, seriously, most of the water is normally diverted to generate electricity, so you'll have to make up the difference! (it's quite affordable, actually)

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Dina Hotel

Cheap. Soviet hotel which has been well maintained and is still a pleasant place to stay. Quite an exception to the dozens of other Soviet hotels which are unbearably bad. Ask for a "Lux" room for an in-room toilet.

Ughtasar Petroglyphs

Mountaintop is literally littered with petroglyphs, with up to 10 or 20 on some boulders. People, animals, dancing, hunting and designs that are 5 to 8,000 years old!

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Vorotnaberd Fort Ruins

One of the oldest fortresses. Fortress is often referred to as Davit Bek's Castle, because his troops were also fighting against the Turkish conquerors.

Zorats Karer

It is Armenia's older and cruder answer to Stonehenge in England. Big rocks, some with holes carved in the tops, form a couple of overlapping ovals.

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Shamb Hotsprings

A bit past Vorotnavank Monastery, and not really all that hot, it's a popular place for locals to go swimming, and a picturesque spot.

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Sisian History Museum

It's notable for its rich archaeological and ethnographic exhibits, as well as rich collection of stone monuments.

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Basen Hotel Complex

Reasonably priced, nicely remodeled hotel with a very nice restaurant and spacious rooms.

Aghudi Memorial

This centuries-old Armenian memorial is a few stories high and a bit out of the ordinary.

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Vorotnavank Monastery

Fortified monastery. Rarely visited by foreigners, it's quiet and interesting.

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St. Gregory the Illuminator church

The church was built by the ruler of Syunik Kohazard in 6-7-century.

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Sauna, Restaurant, Bar, Café, swimming pool

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