Villa dei Quintili

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This impressive villa covers 23 hectares. It can be accessed from the Via Appia Nuova (Bus 118) or through Via Appia Antica 251. Parts can be seen from the Appian Way at around the 5th mile just after No 251. The villa was built by Maximus and Condinus Quintilii. The emperor Commudus liked it so much that he put the brothers to death in 182 A.D. and took it for himself. A museum has friezes and sculptures from the villa. The nypheum, the tepidarium and the baths may also be visited. At Appia Antica 251 is Santa Maria Nova, a farmhouse that has undergone many reincarnations since being originally constructed on top of a Roman cistern that was probably used by Villa dei Quintili.

  Directions    Via Appia Nuova, 1092

Phone: +39 06 39967700

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Opening hours: from 09.00 to 19.00 or sunset, whichever is earlier. Closed Mondays

Average Price: A €6 ticket gives admission to the villa, to Santa Maria Nova, to Cecilia Metella and to the Baths of Caracalla

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