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Sant' Agnese fuori le Mura (Saint Agnes outside the walls, not to be confused with Sant' Agnese in Agone, to be found in Piazza Navona)

This church was built next to the mausoleum of Santa Costanza in the 7th Century and is on top of catacombs. It is very unusual in that the floor level is at the level of the catacomb floor, and the street entrance is at the level of the second floor gallery. The body of St. Agnes lies in a silver sarcophagus. There are several stories about her death at the age of 13 in 304 AD. One is that the prefect Sempronius wanted her to marry his son, and condemned her to death when she refused. Roman law did not permit the execution of virgins, so he ordered her to be raped but her virginity was miraculously preserved. She was then condemned to be burnt at the stake but the wood would not burn. Another is that she was stripped naked by the Emperor Diocletian because of her refusal to marry but that her hair then grew rapidly to preserve her modesty.

SEE   —  Via Nomentana 349

Villa Torlonia

A magnificent patrician house with beautiful gardens. Construction of this villa began in 1806. Mussolini rented it from the Torlonia family for one lira a year to use as his state residence from 1925 onwards. It was abandoned after 1945 and allowed to decay but has recently been restored and is open as a museum, the '''Casino Nobile'''. The landscaped gardens also contain the '''Casina delle Civette''', 3rd and 4th century Jewish catacombs and thirteen garden pavilions representing exotic parts of the world, as well as an air-raid shelter built into the catacombs for Mussolini.

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Casina delle Civette

This strange-looking, but delightful, building has undergone several transformations since its original construction as a rustic hideaway from the main villa in the park. It underwent a significant redesign in the early 1900s and again in 1917. The emphasis of the museum is on stained glass. The twenty rooms include 54 pieces of stained glass replaced, after restoration, in their original positions, 18 pieces of stained glass acquired and displayed on separate frames, and 105 sketches and preparatory cartoons for stained glass in churches in Rome.

SEE   —  Via Nomentana 70

The Beehive

Two minute walk from the Termini. Entrance is buzzer-controlled around-the-clock. The decor is clean and fresh, with rooms spacious and outfitted with comfortably firm beds and large pillows. In-room wifi is included in the price, though some basic TCP/IP configuration knowledge is required to manually set IP and DNS addresses. Ingmar, the somewhat overweight hostel cat, freely roams the public area of the hostel, so visitors with cat allergies should be aware.

SLEEP   —  +39 0644704553 —  Via Marghera 8

Santa Costanza

This church was built by the Emperor Constantine (272-337) as a mausoleum for his daughters Constantina and Helena. It was part of a much larger cemetery complex, parts of which can still be seen. The mausoleum was consecrated as a church and dedicated to Constantina when she became a saint in 1254. The building is circular with an inner arcade resting on pairs of granite columns. It retains some marvellous mosaics from the 4th Century.

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SAID, antica fabbrica della cioccolata

This restaurant used to be an old chocolate factory and preserves the original decorations. Very nice ambiance and a delicious buffet for lunch that varies every day and costs €10. A lot of veggie options, some fish and meat; only a few dishes a la carte. There is also a dessert buffet with lots of types of chocolates and chocolate cakes.

EAT   —  via Tiburtina 135

Porta Maggiore

Impressive gate built by Claudius in AD 52 and formed by the arches of two aqueducts. It was subsequently incorporated into the Aurelian walls. Nearby is the "Baker's tomb", erected for himself and his wife by a freed slave who became a rich baker. Note the friezes round the top representing the stages of breadmaking.

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Casino Nobile Museum

In the first half of the 18th Century the Torlonia family were leading collectors of works of art. This museum brings together some of their collection. You can also see the furniture used by Mussolini when he was in residence, as well as photos and films of him in the grounds of the Villa.

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Basilica di San Lorenzo fuori le Mura

Houses the tomb of St Lawrence. This basilica dates back to the 3rd Century, when the area was already well populated. Surrounding it is Rome's cemetery, the Cimitero del Verano. San Lorenzo was damaged by Allied bombs in 1943 and the facade has been rebuilt.

Hotel Turner Rome

Four star hotel with 47 bedrooms. Also available private bath, breakfast and modern services and facilities. The guest rooms are divided in single, twin, double, triple and suite. Single is €150. Double €200. Suite €300.

SLEEP   —  +39 06 44250077 —  Via Nomentana 29

Rome City Hostel

Metro station 5 minutes on foot/ 10 min walk from Termini, include free breakfast, free linens, no curfew, free internet, free WIFI in all rooms, complete kitchen facilities and utilities, tours and pub crawls.

Residence Vacanze Romane Rome

Guest house in the characteristic neighbourhood of San Lorenzo. Single, double and triple rooms with private bathroom and kitchen. Single: €45. Double: €60. Rates vary according the availability and season.

SLEEP   —  +39 06 44362110 —  Via Dei Reti 27

Da Armando

A traditional Roman osteria with traditional Roman dishes as well as pizza. Lots of choice for both food and wine. Delicious homemade pasta. Prices are very reasonable and only few tourists.

Astoria Palace Rome

Seven double and triple rooms for this cosy guest house. Equipped with private bath, shower, internet connection, included breakfast, terrace and private parking. Double €145, triple €150.

Drinking in the open

Do what Romans (students in particular) do: buy a cheap beer in one of the countless bar around and just hang out or stroll, observing people and enjoying the mildness of a Roman evening.

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Impressive selection of (mostly Belgian) beers. A bit on the pricy side (a beer is 5E), but they have a nice buffet for appetizers which comes with your drink for only 2-3E more.

Bar delle Scienze

A bar next to the university. Lots of students and faculty have lunch here. They have sandwiches and a small selection of dishes. Ideal for a quick lunch.

EAT   —  via dei Liburni 28

Hotel Gabriella

Three star hotel close to the Termini Station, A/C, English-speaking staff, and clean public areas and bedrooms.

SLEEP   —  +39 06 4450 120 —  Via Palestro 88

Hotel Villa delle Rose

Hotel in a villa with a nice garden, 24 hour reception, and multilingual staff.

SLEEP   —  +39 06-4451788 —  Via Vicenza, 5

Arancia Blu

Posh, overpriced and not that good, but the wine list looks impressive.

Catacombs of St Agnese

Small catacombs that contained the remains of Saint Agnes

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