Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is in the South Bay of Los Angeles County in California.

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Riviera Village

In South Redondo Beach up against the Palos Verdes hills. Away from the hustle and crowded feel of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. Originally called Hollywood Riviera because so many of Hollywood came there to escape, it now has a more European feel to it. Some great place to grab a bite to eat, or if you want to grab some food and walk to the beach, stop in to Trader Joes. The Village is basically a triangle with the water on the west side, PCH on the east side, and Palos Verdes Drive along the south side. The beaches here are less crowded and parking is pretty easy. You can pay at meters along the Esplanade or drive a few blocks inland and park for free. Run the steps (all 72 of them) at Avenue C on the Esplanade. The view is impressive and you'll have plenty of company from sun-up to sun-down. Watch dolphins playing in the waves just off shore.

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Old Tony's

This is a classic restaurant with amazing seafood (try the salmon chowder & any salad with the "house" dressing) and a spectacular view (you're literally sitting right over the ocean). Their "Firechief" Mai Tai lives up to its name, created by Tony himself back in the 50's. You get to keep the custom glass its served in. Ascend up the spiral staircase and gaze at the signed portraits of stars who have visited, and you will have arrived at the '''Top o' Tony's''', a unique hexagon bar that's a fun place to watch the sunset and listen to some great guitar.

Hopkins Wilderness Park

The park used to be a Nike radar site during the Cold War. It was the IFC (Integrated Flight Control) radar site for Nike-Ajax LA-57, one of sixteen Nike sites that formed a protective ring around Los Angeles from the 1950s to the 1970s. Now it is home to ducks, turtles, rabbits and other small creatures. Some finding they way there, others abandoned. The kiddos will love it, and there are picnic areas scatterred around the park some near the two ponds.

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El Burrito Jr.

The local cheap Mexican place. El Burrito Jr started out of this shack and their business has prospered so much that they've expanded into other locations around the South Bay, but this location is still the best. Order a "Special C," and you'll get two bean and cheese burritos for $6. Really anything on the menu is a safe bet. Be advised: it's cash only, but they have an ATM on site.


An Italian deli that makes you think twice about what goes into the perfect sandwich. There are so many options that it may lead to an obsessive urge to include everything. If you can't decide on one after five minutes then just ask for the "Shack Attack."

EAT   —  +1 310 375-2443 —  308 Ave I

The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club

Redondo Beach hotel located directly on the Pacific Ocean offering waterfront lodging accommodations including luxury suites and hotel rooms. 8,000 square feet of meeting facilities, banquet space, and a freestanding meeting pavilion.

SLEEP   —  260 Portofino Way

Best Western Redondo Beach Inn

Right next to the Palos Verdes Inn, the only "budget" hotel accessible to PV. Also convenient to the Hollywood Riviera restaurants and shops and to the Torrance malls.

El Torrito

An awesome Mexican restaurant. This restaurant not only offers great drinks and food, but also has a fantastic ocean view from most seats.

Best Western Redondo Beach Galleria Inn

Is within walking distance to Los Angeles shopping, dining and entertainment centers, including the famous South Bay Galleria Mall.

Yellow Vase Cafe

Get a latte, or a great lunch, and flowers for your honey all at the same time. Quite stylish with great owners.

Rice Things

Arguably the finest sushi for the cheapest price in the South Bay. Try the combination sushi dinners for $10.

Palos Verdes Inn

For Palos Verdes travel, this is the closest property to the Peninsula. Excellent restaurant.

Creme de la Crepe

Everything French. Book ahead because it's a small place with fantastic food.

Ortega 120

Dangerously good 120 margarita makes a good starter for the night

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Bull Pen

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H.T. Grill

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About Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is the most suburban of the three beaches (Mahattan, Hermosa, Redondo). There are not a lot of touristy things to do, but there's significantly less traffic and people walking around compared to other beaches around Los Angeles. For that reason, Redondo has become slightly more popular for people who frequent the area and just want a hassle-free vacation at a California beach city.

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