Prokletije (Albanian: Alpet Shqiptare or Bjeshkët e Nemuna), sometimes called the Accursed Mountains are a range in Serbia, Kosovo, and northern Albania.

9 things to do

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Thethi Park InfoPoint

This little and improvised Tourist Info Point located at the entrance of the village can help finding a guesthouse, provide rentals, local guides, and two way radios. Contact Jimmy (Gezim).

Valbona Tourism Development Center

This is an info center equipped with useful brochures, there you can buy a hiking map, 2 multipurpose buildings, exterior cooking areas, sport courts, a water fountain and parking.

OTHER   —  +355 67 276 4157 —  Valbone Center

Logu i Bjeshkeve (Miss Albanian Alps)

The annual beauty pageant of the Alps takes place on the 2nd Saturday of August in Kelmend region and features traditional costumes and regional delicacies.

SEE   —  Lepushe, Kelmend

Natyral Razma Resort

The only alpine resort in the area. Offers sauna, indoor swimming pools, internet, local tours and ski courses.


OTHER   —  +355 69 67 31 932 —  Map

Kelmend & Shkrel Tourist Info Center


OTHER   —  Map


OTHER   —  Map

About Prokletije

The area has been extensively visited by Edith Durham who wrote an entire book about the region and its customs.

Source: wikivoyage