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The perfect pre-trek warm-up. Head up Sarankot in the late afternoon, and be prepared as it's steep and hard work. You can rent a motor bike for under NPR700 and take yourself to the top. The road is rough, but traversable. Great views, spectacular images and a great way to get a taste of what it's like to be trekking.The Sarangkot south slope trail is a challenging run/polewalk workout. Go north through Lakeside about 5 km, through Kare, around corner to SediBogar village. Park bike/moto at the Caravan Restaurant, which is the last spot to buy water & snacks. Follow stone road 1+km directly north towards Sarankot's forested slopes, past houses, to school. Don't try to ride a motorbike or bike up this road, too rocky. road ends to rite (east) of school, follow trail behind, east (right) into seasonal creek gully, then 100 m up it trail goes off a bit to left and soon the grueling stone steps begin. Take water. Follow steps all the way, follow the arrows carved into stones where confusing, cross 3 new jeep roads but stay on stone step trail, way up you'll come out on the jeep road along north to Kalipani and Naudada villages at a restaurant/school 3/4 of the way up, follow road 100 m left to parasail jump off, then continue up obvious steps to Sarankot village, with hotels/cafes/shops, and up cement steps to lookout tower. Morning views are best. This trail takes at least 52 min from the bottom at Caravan park spot. Knee jarring descent takes 40 min, or possible to take taxi or even hitch a ride in a parasail truck going down.


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