Palmdale is a city in the far north of Los Angeles County in the Antelope Valley region of the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

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Palmdale Amphitheater

Located at Marie Kerr Park on the western side of the city, is a 10,000 seat outdoor amphitheater, featuring the [ Starlight Concert Series] hosting many world famous performers on evenings in the summer.

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Saddleback Butte State Park

Is located in the buttes north of Lake Los Angeles to the northeast of the city and features a small camping area. It is known to be an ideal location for late night stargazing and viewing meteor showers on clear nights.

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Joe Davies Heritage Airpark at Palmdale Plant 42

And the "next-door" '''Air Force Flight Test Center Museum's Blackbird Airpark''' Annex show off displays of various aircraft built or tested at Palmdale Air Force Plant 42.

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Palmdale Civic Center

Is the location of the '''Poncitlan Square''' and the '''[ Larry Chimbole Cultural Center]''' downtown.

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Thursday Night on the Square

Features an outside market, live entertainment, various arts and crafts, refreshments, and children's activities on Thursday Nights in the summer.

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Dry Town Water Park

On Avenue S is open each summer from May to September, and features water slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river.

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Palmdale Schoolhouse

At McAdam Park is the only remaining building of the original village of Palmenthal in the late 1800s.

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The Palmdale Fall Festival

An annual festival said to be one of the best in California and held every October at Marie Kerr Park.

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Joshua Ranch Trail

A natural preservation area, temporarily closed due to a housing development under construction.

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Littlerock Dam and Recreation Area

Southeast of the city, is a county operated park with a public use lake and several campsites.

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Blackbird Air Park

View and walk around retired SR-71A (Blackbird), A-12 and U-2 aircraft.

Hammack Activity Center and Roller Hockey Rink

A family friendly facility providing various activities for youth.

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Antelope Valley Country Club

Another major golf course which requires club membership to play.

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Best Of The West Softball Complex

Regularly hosts various state and national softball tournaments.

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The Palmdale Jazz & Wine Festival

An annual event held in September at the Palmdale Amphitheater.

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Big Rock Creek Camp

A camping area near Devil's Punchbowl southeast of the city.

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Mountain High

A ski resort in nearby Wrightwood, southeast of the city.

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Brunswick Vista Lanes

Is located on 30th Street East near Palmdale Blvd.

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Brunswick Sands Bowl

Is located on Sierra Highway north of Avenue L.

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Desert Aire Golf Course

Is located near the eastern side of the city.

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Rancho Vista Golf Course

Is Palmdale's only PGA class golf course.

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