Paldiski is a town (population: 4,000) on the shore of Baltic Sea, in Harjumaa county in northwestern Estonia.

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Pakri lighthouse & bank

A view of the Baltic sea.

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Paldiski Tuule B&B

A new bed & breakfast,

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Valge Laev

With six guest rooms.

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Peetri Toll

Is a new tavern.

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About Paldiski

During Soviet times and early years of independent Estonia, until up to 1994, the city was a “closed city”, i.e., off-limits to foreigners, non-resident Soviet citizens, even non-resident Estonians themselves, because of its military importance. Today, it’s open to everyone and deserves a visit by those interested in the grey world of the Soviet Union (Paldiski and the Pakri peninsula are covered with abandoned bunkers, piles of unidentifiable junk and various military debris). The scenes taking place in a location introduced to the audience as “somewhere in the former Soviet Union” in the film ''Lilya 4-Ever'' were actually shot in Paldiski.


Source: wikivoyage