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Rappel or Swim to Odysseus / Ulyssey's Cave

A large egg shaped cave in the rocky coastline, accessed by a 30 metre tunnel used as a harbour by local fishermen. Legend has it that Odysseus found his shelter here after surviving a shipwreck, hence the name. He supposedly was shipwrecked here and due to the beauty of the island's nature and his love for the nymph Calipso, Odysseus stayed on the island for 7 years. When the sun gets to the highest point, the water illuminates in a fantastic way. There's also some gravity defying, quite amusing graffiti around the rocks. There are two entrances: one from the seaside (swimming) and the other one from on high (rappelling). As you walk along the path towards the cave, look out for the cute road sign painting on the rocks! Once you're near the cave, it's a natural beauty and popular for rappelling.

Saplunara beaches

There are three sandy beaches within Saplunara, starting with the bay itself. The bay is slightly overlooked, but as you work through, you eventually got to Blace beach which is 1/2 mile long and secluded among stones of Mljet southern shores. This hidden bay and beach is surrounded by pine trees, faces South and looks like a lagoon. The entrance from the sea to Blace beach is only 8 metres wide so the sea water inside the lagoon gets very warm and is possible to swim here even at the times when sea water outside is still cold and not suitable for swimming. Because of it's isolated location, Blace Beach and Bay is popular among naturist and nudists too. Out of season, a lot of debris collects on the beach and is not cleaned making it significantly less appealing.

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Hotel Odisej

Overpriced, dilapidated hotel with a perfect location. Could be fantastic, but seems to have barely been touched since the seventies, complacent with being the only hotel on the island and within the National Park. There may not be many places on the island that advertise online, but there is plenty of accommodation on the island, no doubt cheaper and better than this.

SLEEP   —  +385 20 475 777 —  Map

Mljet National Park

The two lakes (''jezera'') and the monastery on the island in the middle of the large lake (''veliki jezera''). Boats leave for the monastery every hour or so, check the timetables within the national park. The monastery was previously a hotel until it was damaged in 1991 and now houses a cute restaurant called Melita.

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Accommodation on the far east of the island near the warm waters of Blace beach. Run by the Stermasi family, who seem to be expanding the number of places, each room has a personal touch to the decoration and with the excellent restaurant attached, it's a place to stay to explore a different side to the island.

Bourbon Hostel and Rooms Polace

In the centre of the National Park Mljet, only 5m from the beach and only 150m from the main ferry port.

SLEEP   —  +385 99 8092244 —  Polace 8


Local company for bicycle and kayak rental. They have a good service and very professional staff.

DO   —  +385998092244 —  Polace 8

Vila Mungos

Six yacht moorings (4m depth), water and electricity provided.

SLEEP   —  +38520745224 —  Sobra 35

About Mljet

Mljet was originally one of the Roman possessions (indeed, Polače means "palace" and holds some Roman ruins). Over the course of history, the isle traded hands with the rest of the Balkans (to the Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarians, etc.) It was even promised to Italy at one point in the early 20th century. Once the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was declared, the Island became part of that group. Ancient Greeks called the island "Melita", or "honey," which over the centuries evolved to become the Slavic name, Mljet.

Source: wikivoyage