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The Pommern (earlier name Mneme) is a windjammer turned into a museum ship, kept in original shape. She is a four masted barque that was built 1903 in Glasgow at J. Reid & Co shipyard. She soon became one of the Flying P-Liners, the famous sailing ships of the German shipping company F. Laeisz. Later she belonged to Gustaf Erikson of Åland, who used her (and the rest of his windjammers) to carry grain from the Spencer Gulf area in Australia to harbours in England or Ireland until the outbreak of World War II. Pommern was thus one of the last cargo-carrying large sailing ships. Tickets to enter Pommern are sold at the nearby Åland Maritime Museum. She is planned to be placed in a dock, to lessen stress on her hull. During the construction works (dates not yet set as of 2016) she will not be accessible to tourists.

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The Åland Maritime Museum

This museum preserves memories of the sailing ships, one of its exhibits being the red-brown captain’s saloon from the famous four-masted barque Herzogin Cecilie, originally German, later one of Gustaf Erikson’s ships. She ran aground off the coast of England in 1936 and before she sank her saloon was salvaged and brought to Åland. You can see all sorts of ship paraphernalia from sextants to sails, souvenirs sailors brought home from their travels and learn about e.g. shipbuilding and the 19th century seaman's hotel in Mariehamn and try out being a captain in the museum's ship simulator. Also English literature for sale.

SEE   —  Hamngatan 2

Åland Museum

The Åland Museum exhibits the history of Åland from prehistoric times up to the present day. The '''Åland Art Museum''' displays pictures by both old and young Åland artists and the Mariehamn Gallery at the Western Harbour has a model of Mariehamn in the 1920's with its wooden houses. Closed for rebuilding, plans to re-open in 2014.

SEE   —  Storagatan 1

Maritime quarter

Boat building traditions are kept alive at the '''Maritime Quarter''' in the eastern Harbour. Among the red sheds there is a boatyard and a smithy as well as a boat and shipbuilding museum. Several small ships have been built there, including the galleass Albanus and the schooner Linden.

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Just outside the city border in Jomala is Maxinge, probably the largest shopping mall on the islands. About 20 different stores and a couple of places to eat and drink.

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Restaurant Pommern

In the same building as Hotel Pommern (a fair walk from the ship Pommern) is arranged with ship's fittings. The menu is delicious and some items are quite cheap.

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Marie Bar

Cozy corner café with a cool retro-looking neon sign. Fresh sandwiches, bakeries, coffee and tea.

EAT   —  Köpmansgatan 1

Guesthouse Kronan

Inexpensive, especially for singles. Very close to the main ferry port. Open all year.

SLEEP   —  Neptunigatan 52

Restaurang Sittkoffska Gården

Food largely from local ingredients, at least some dishes with an unorthodox touch.

EAT   —  +358 18 17612 —  Torggatan 13


Swimming hall. Also outdoor swimming, water slide, spa facilities etc.

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Hotel Esplanad

A bed and breakfast hotel open only in the summer season.

SLEEP   —  +358 18 16444 —  Storagatan 5

Lilla holmen

Park island with peacocks, rabbits etc.

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2 and 4 person chalets also available

SLEEP   —  Östra Ytternäsvägen

Gröna Uddens Camping

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