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Maribor, Slovenia

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With the '''Maribor Castle''' (''Mariborski grad''), the '''Maribor Regional Museum''' (''Pokrajinski muzej Maribor''), and '''St. Florian''' (''Sv. Florijan'').In the square in the old city centre, which was named after the castle in front of which it spreads, you can feel the lively throb of life in the city. On the square are also: '''Hotel Orel''', in the 19th century a tavern named 'Pri Črnem orlu' and at the same time an important stop of coachmen, '''Coffeehouse Astoria''' with its famous "Ezlj ek", a popular meeting place of the Maribor people for many, many years, '''Town Savings Bank''', situated in the home of the once well-known Maribor Scherbraum family and coffeehouses and shops.


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