Maribor is the second most important centre and the second largest city of Slovenia. It has about 114.

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Castle square

With the '''Maribor Castle''' (''Mariborski grad''), the '''Maribor Regional Museum''' (''Pokrajinski muzej Maribor''), and '''St. Florian''' (''Sv. Florijan'').In the square in the old city centre, which was named after the castle in front of which it spreads, you can feel the lively throb of life in the city. On the square are also: '''Hotel Orel''', in the 19th century a tavern named 'Pri Črnem orlu' and at the same time an important stop of coachmen, '''Coffeehouse Astoria''' with its famous "Ezlj ek", a popular meeting place of the Maribor people for many, many years, '''Town Savings Bank''', situated in the home of the once well-known Maribor Scherbraum family and coffeehouses and shops.

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Main square

With the '''Town Hall''' (''Mestna hiša Rotovž''), the '''Plague Column''' (''Kužno znamenje''), and the '''Aloysius church''' (''Alojzijeva cerkev''). The main square is the largest of Maribor's squares and it is one of the most important one in the city centre with historical sights and the hustle and bustle of town life flow. Here you can look at important sights of the old town core; sip coffee and sit out in the sunshine or visit some of the small shops. You can find it in the immediate vicinity of the Old Bridge and the street Koroška cesta.

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Its History begins in 12th Century. First Bishop Beat. Anton Martin Slomšek. The construction of the cathedral and its further development brought '''Maribor''' additional cultural impetus and enforcement. It was built in the 12th century as a Romanesque building. Today it shows a Gothic style with a long chancel dating from the 14th century and a central church nave from the 15th century. Climb to the top of the bell tower and you will have a view over the city and far beyond!

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Old Vine

Guinness Book-certified oldest vine in the world (about 450 years old) growing on the front of the ''Old Vine House'' in ''Lent'', the oldest part of the town on the enbankment of the ''Drava'' river. The Maribor`s '''Old Vine''' is given a lot of tourist promotional protocol events – the most famous and most popular is certainly the Vine’s grape harvest - the highlight of the traditional '''Old Vine Festival''' (''Festival Stare trte'') held annually at the end of Septembre.

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Slomškov Square

One of the most charming squares in the city can be found in the western part of the old town core. In the square stand the '''Cathedral''' (''Stolnica'') and a statue of Bishop Anton Martin Slomšek. There is also park with a pool and a small statue of Korlek. The square is surrounded by mighty buildings: the Rectorate of the University of Maribor, the Slovene National Theatre and the building of the main Maribor Post office.

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The oldest part of the town with the oldest vine in the world and the '''Old Vine House''' (''Hiša Stare trte''), defence towers '''Water Tower''' (''Vodni stolp'') and '''Judgement Tower''' (''Sodni stolp''), the Jewish part with the '''Synagogue''' (''Sinagoga''), '''Jewish Square''' (''Židovski trg'') and '''Jewish Tower''' (''Židovski stolp''), and other interesting sights on the bank of the river '''Drava'''.

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Maribor Synagogue

Built in 14th century, it is the second oldest in Europe (at Židovska ulica 4). Today, it serves as a centre for cultural activities and it offers visitors various events including exhibitions, concerts, literary evenings and round tables. The Synagogue is located in the square '''Jewish square''' (''Židovski trg'') in the former Jewish quarter, which is situated near the '''Main square''' (''Glavni trg'').

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Fuego - latino club

If you want the best party in the town, visit the hottest Latin club in town. Crazy barmen, funny DJs and delicious cocktails is all you need to dance the night away. Open: Tuesday & Wednesday: 20:00 - 4:00, Friday & Saturday: 20:00 - 5:00. And one more thing... Everyday opening day is Happy hour (all drinks are -50%) until midnight.

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Maribor castle

Built by Emperor Frederick III in the 15th century to fortify the northwestern part of the town wall. The castle is located right in the centre of Maribor, surrounded by the ''Castle square'' (''Grajski trg'') and the ''Trg svobode square'' (''Trg svobode''). In the castle, you can visit the ''Maribor Regional Museum''.

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The Old Vine House

A temple of wine tradition and culture, selling point of souvenirs from the Maribor-Pohorje destination and a tourist information centre, exhibition room with guided tours, place for wine tasting, event room, and the honorary seat of Slovene and international associations, sworn to honouring wine and the wine culture.

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Water tower

One of defence towers built in the 16th century by inhabitants on account of the constant fear of Turkish raids. This mighty Renaissance town fortification can be seen close by the river '''Drava''' at '''Lent''' - the street '''Usnjarska ulica''', one of the oldest streets in the town, will lead you past it.

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Restavracija Mak

If you need break after long journey this is one of the best slow food restaurant in town! Amazing food, nice music and ambient. You will be served by cook himself (you will be surprised how many languages he speaks). For meal you will pay from 18€ up, but it is worth every cent.


Is one of the largest shopping centers in Balkan and Central Europe with a wide variety of service - from clothing stores to restaurants. Has a big free of charge parking house, which is convenient as you can walk from here to the center. Free WiFi available.

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Casino Maribor

Located in the beautiful ''belle epoque'' styled building on the Glavni trg (the main square). On the ground floor slot machines and electronic roulette are available, one floor higher is reserved for live games. Closed at the moment (September 2010)

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Festival Lent

Is ranking among the Top 50 of Europe's Best Local Festivities. A variety of more than 400 performances and half a million of visitors make “Festival Lent” one of the biggest festivals in Europe, moreover it is also known across the pond in America.

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Lollipop Hostel

Run by a very friendly English lady, this hostel is very conveniently located (less than 10 minutes from the train station). The owner could provide advices on everything from where to visit to the best place to hang out in town.

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Slovene National Theatre

With Opera and Ballet, Drama, Simphony Orchestra SNG Maribor attracts audience from Slovenia and Abroad. Opera is given in original languages, Drama in Slovene Language.

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Slaščičarna in kavarna Ilich

Slovenska 6, - well known coffee bar and confectionery, usually full of people of all generation. Serves delicious homemade icecream. Open Mo-Sa 7AM-9PM, Su 8AM-9PM.

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Kavarna Astoria

Slovenska 2, - a nice coffeebar/restaurant right in the heart of the city. Serves excellent coffee. Open Mo-Fr 7AM to 10PM, Sa 8AM to 10PM.

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Terme Maribor

With well known wellness centre in Hotel Habakuk (thermal water), Hotel Bellevue and in Fontana (thermal water).

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Adrenalinski park Pohorje

Adrenaline park Pohorje with High Ropes Course, one track line PohorJET, summer sledding and Bike park Pohorje.

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Bowling center Strike

Bowling centre Strike offers 16 highly equipped, computerised Bowling Tracks, Restaurant and Bar.

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Čajnica Čajek

Slovenska 4, - Teahouse in the city center. Open Mo-Fr 7:30AM-10PM, Sa 9AM-10PM, Su 5PM-10PM.

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Pohorje Ski resort

The largest Ski centre in Slovenia. Night skiing is possible as well as snow boarding.

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Hostel Pekarna

Part of the cultural centre Pekarna, a building complex that used to be a bakery.

Vinag Wine Cellar

With 20.000 m2 surface and 2 km length has 5,5 millions litres of excellent wine

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Hotel BAJT-garni

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Hotel Kačar

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About Maribor

Maribor was first mentioned back in the 12th century. Though the city had been attacked by the Turks several times, it was constantly under the rule of the Austrian Habsburgs until the end of the World War I. After the war was over the city was claimed by both the Austrians and by the new state of Yugoslavia. Finally it fell to Yugoslavia. It was occupied by the Germans during World War II but became part of Yugoslavia again after the war was over. In 1975 the University of Maribor was founded and this has helped the city to become more and more an attractive, vibrant, student city. After Slovenia declared independence, back in 1991, the city suffered from the economic consequences.

Today, Maribor is a trans-regional financial, educational, trade and cultural centre. And since it`s pleasantly small and lodged in the nature of Pohorje Mountain on the one side, the wine growing hills on the other, and with the river Drava wending its way through it, Maribor has grown into one of the country’s most important tourist destinations. Its key features are: the rich wine culture (the oldest vine in the world, numerous wine roads and wine cellars), the old town`s cultural offer (theatre, traditional events, galleries and museums), and the recreational activities (hiking, cycling and skiing).

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