Malabo is the largest city in, and capital of, Equatorial Guinea and is located on the island of Bioko.

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Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial

UNGE’s campus surrounds a common grass covered area with a statue of Teodoro Obiang, the current president of Equatorial Guinea. The original buildings on the UNGE campus were built by the Spanish when the Spanish governed the island. The original buildings reflect a Spanish colonial architectural style with frequent use of arches and low sprawling buildings. The classrooms in the older part of the university are arranged in a semi-circle around the lawn. There is a new building on the south side of the university built in a more modern style. The walls are light coloured and reflective, reducing the amount of passive solar heat produced in the building. The rooms are large and have large windows, which take advantage of natural lighting. The building is square and glossy. There is a small library at the university.

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Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program

Visitors, including tourists and school children, are welcome to stop in for educational programs. A striking series of 4 backlit posters, designed by BBPP’s Outreach Coordinator Jessica Weinberg and funded by a grant from the International Primate Protection League illustrate the importance of controlling the bushmeat trade. Post cards featuring Bioko Island wildlife, also the work of Jessica Weinberg, are for sale. Research Centre staff can arrange for guides to the local attractions (the Cascades of the Ilyadi River and the Pico Biao Crater Lake). Because of its cool climate and central location, Moka is the ideal place from which to explore and study Bioko Island's rich flora and fauna.

SEE   —  Moka, Bioko Island

United Kingdom

There is no British Embassy in Equatorial Guinea. In an emergency, you can get consular assistance from David Shaw, the British Honorary Consul in Malabo. The nearest British Diplomatic Mission is in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

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Mango Suites

5* luxury, small design hotel for business travellers, close to town in a peaceful neighbourhood.

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Deme's Favorite Chicken Place

Get the fried plantain (sweet is better) and chicken. Top with picante and mayonnaise.

Hotel Bahia 2

Gets bad reviews on various web sites.

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Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf

More 5* luxury and price.

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Sofitel Malabo President Palace

5* luxury and price.

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Hilton Malabo

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Hotel Bahia

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Hotel Ureca

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