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Delicious Portuguese food in a homey atmosphere. They have their own way of doing things; credit cards are not accepted, reservations cannot be made (except on weekdays for large parties) (on weekends head through to the courtyard bar at the back, give your details and relax with a jug of Sangria); ask for Ketchup if you dare. For two people, the Salad (comes with freshly baked bread), the Prawns and the Chicken (served on a bed of chips) should be sufficient.

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Nga Tim

What a beautiful outdoor setting! Located in the colonnade on the left as you face St. Francis Xavier Church, the restaurant serves up authentic Portuguese and Chinese fare with views of the church plaza and the waterfront. Popular with tourists and locals, they accept credit cards and are reasonably priced.

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The Westin Resort

At one time this was Macau's most expensive hotel, however it is now looking a little shabby, however it is still a great place to relax by the pool or on the golf course. Also renowned for its lunch and dinner buffets. Rather impersonal. If you are going to Fernando's, and want to save money.

Lord Stow's Bakery

Sit-down cafe and a bakery at the Village Square. A Macau institution, Lord Stow's is famous for its cheesecakes, fruitcakes, sandwiches, and most of all, its '''Portuguese egg tarts''', which are famous throughout Asia.

Pousada de Coloane

Even though renovated in 2006, rooms are still not as good as other hotels in Macau. However, its location cannot be beaten, with the better rooms all having a small balcony with views out over the bay.

Pousada de Coloane

Pousada de Coloane, and facing the picturesque Cheoc Van Beach, this splendid restaurant serves delicious, home-style Portuguese cuisine in a lovely environment.


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